Move for Mental Health


It is our mission to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise for mental health, and to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation during Mental Health Awareness Week.

  • Progress to our initial goal of $10,000 23% 23%

Move with us and help us raise money for the Mental Health Foundation either by attending our event or simply donating.

All those that donate will go in the draw to Win a Weekend in the Aoraki Mt Cook Region! Including a Helicopter Flight for 2 from The Helicopter Line, Hot Pools and Pampering at Tekapo Springs, Glacier Explorers Boat Trip and Accommodation and a Buffet Breakfast at The Hermitage Hotel

Move for Mental Health Event


30 Min HIIT Workout

Saturday 28th September 10am at the Hagley Park Entertainment Triangle.

Spot Prizes, Coffee Cart and lots of fun!

Sponsored by The Edge

$10 to the Mental Health Foundation

Donate $10 to the Mental Health Foundation HERE

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Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health


  • Help for depression and anxiety – This is scientifically proven. Studies show that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression as well as medication, some doctors recommend trying out an exercise regime before turning to medication in appropriate circumstances. Exercise increases the ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain, giving you increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Distraction – Exercise can serve as a distraction, giving you time out from the sometimes never ending cycle of thoughts (negative or otherwise) going on in your brain.
  • Better sleep – Regular exercise helps you sleep better! Sleep is imperative to good health, so great sleeping patterns are a fantastic step towards being the best healthy, happy version of yourself.
  • Sense of achievement/purpose – Although it is often hard to start, that feeling of having completed a bit of movement is an absolute mood booster and is great for setting you up to achieve your goals – not just fitness related ones either.
  • Motivation – How much more do you get done on that little buzz you get post sweat sesh!!!
  • Clearing your mind – Taking a little time to yourself to get outside, move or sweat can be the best thing to clear an overactive mind. It can also be a great time to gain a bit of perspective and clarity of thought. Deep breathing and fresh air can do wonders.
  • Self-esteem boost – Focusing on things your body can ‘do’ is great for your mindset!
  • Stress reduction – As well as stress levels being decreased by the body’s chemical response to exercise, movement also helps to lessen the body’s physical response to stress by relaxing the muscles.
  • Body and mind – Since the body and mind are so closely linked, as the body feels better with movement so will your mind!
  • Family time – Having a run around with those you love is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds and a sure fire way to induce happiness and laughter!

Thank you to the following businesses who have supported this initiative: