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Kate Ivey


DediKate is designed for you and me! Be a part of a community of busy women all prioritising (or working on prioritising) their health and fitness to get the most out of life!

With 4 levels and a variety of workouts it is suitable for beginners through to those who are already very fit! Choose from a range of awesome workouts, to suit your needs and goals. Interact with other members and thrive on both looking and feeling like your best you!


DediKate Live

This is for those who are really serious about getting or staying fit and strong and want to lose fat or tone up. This membership is the most motivating of all and is highly recommended for everyone. It includes a variety of exercise methods for maximum results and Live Workouts with Video Replays.

Pay Weekly $12

Pay Every 12 Weeks $120

That's only $10 per week

DediKate Shape

This is for those who want to get fit and strong, and lose fat or tone up using strength and resistance, and HIIT workouts. This is perfect for those who are reasonably self-motivated and like lists, or workout at the gym.

Pay Weekly $8

Pay Every 12 Weeks $84

That's only $7 per week

DediKate Mini

This is for those that want to increase their fitness and strength using own body weight resistance and HIIT workouts. Or for those using DediKate to supplement their current exercise.

Pay Weekly $6

Pay Every 12 Weeks $60

That's only $5 per week

NOTE: All memberships are a recurring fee, so your membership will automatically be renewed unless you cancel your subscription.

DediKate Live Details:
Live IT Sessions are 10am Mondays (NZ time), Power Sessions are 9am Tuesdays (NZ time) and 10am Thursdays (NZ time). Or watch whenever it suits you with our live session replays!
This is highly recommended for those that struggle with motivation, want to reach their goals faster or want to ensure they are getting the most out of their workouts!

Contact With Kate

This is a non-recurring one time payment add on to the Membership subscriptions giving you 6 or 12 weeks of contact with Kate. Be supported and achieve your goals faster.

6 Weeks $70

12 Weeks $120

Contact with Kate includes the following in 2 Weekly Personal Emails from Kate:

  • Questionnaire on your current and past Health and Fitness so you can be supported to achieve your goals
  • Personal motivation and guidance
  • Food Diary analysis every 4 weeks
  • Answers and suggestions for any questions you may have
  • Personal tips on how to achieve your goals faster
  • Encouragement when you need it and praise when you are kicking butt to keep you focused and on track to becoming a fitter and healthier you
  • A unique opportunity to exercise when it suits you but still have the support of an exercise expert and personal trainer

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