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Kate Ivey

Hall of Fame


Here at Kate Ivey Fitness the focus is on making health and fitness a realistic and maintainable part of your life, no quick fixes. When women have been a DediKate Member for a year they are gifted a personalised ‘DediKated’ cap (which has their DediKate number on it) and they are inducted into our Hall of Fame!

So far 150 caps have been earned! Here are the amazing women who have shared their stories with us! Congratulations to all those who have been a DediKate member for 1 year plus, and thank you for being a part of our wonderful, supportive and successful community!


Kate Ivey

I am so proud of this incredible community of women I have created! But it would not be here without the hard work and passion from DediKate members...


Ruth Bruinsma

I have been on DediKate for 19 months but decided that I would sign up for the 12 week challenge even though I could have used being busy as an excuse...


Sarah Waldie

After major knee surgery and having three kids in three years my physio kindly told me that I had no muscle tone anywhere and my rehab would be very...


Kelly Pitts

I am 41 years old and feel fitter and stronger than ever thanks to Kate and DediKate. I live on a farm over an hour from the closest town and gym...


Carys Overton

I have been using Kate’s DediKate programme since the start and have loved how adaptable it is to whatever is going on in my life at the time ...


Angela Habraken

I’ve been a DediKate member since the first week it was launched! I love the mix of workouts that are available to do – anywhere, anytime with very ...


Jo O'Neil

I love that I get a weekly schedule to work on in my own time and some pretty amazing recipes also. I love exploring the hills and the DediKate ...


Annie Innes

DediKate has changed my life! I regained my strength (after 3 babies), strengthened my core, gained muscle definition, gained knowledge on ...


Kirstina Moore

I joined Dedikate after a friend recommended Kate. I was already active but I wanted something flexible that I could do at home or at the gym ...


Amanda Alexander

I signed up for DediKate nearly two years ago and I am proud to be DediKated member #36. Kates’s posts popped up on my Facebook feed ...


Wanda Maybee

Hi my name is Wanda, I'm 47 years old and I have been doing Dedikate workouts for over a year now. I am very proud of what I have achieved ...


Hannah Reeves

DediKate has changed my life both mentally and physically in 2018. I began my journey in 2017 but really stepped it up in 2018. This year I have ...


Paula Bishop

Hi, my name is Paula. I’m 34 and the mother of two energetic preschoolers! I’ve been on DediKate for around 18months. I initially joined to ...


Susan Ross

January 2017, six months after giving birth to my first child I was feeling low, uncomfortable with my appearance and constantly in pain from my ...


Keri Moore

So DediKate to me is a easy to use on line training community! I have been with Kate since back in the shape up days. I completed two ...


Anna Follett

I have been a member of DediKate since I got a membership for my birthday in 2017. I really missed being able to go to a gym so it has ...


Suzanne Caird

I started with Kate Ivey Fitness after picking up Kate's flyer in the supermarket. I carried it round in my handbag for several weeks before ...


Sarah Jamieson

I joined DediKate in November 2017 after Kate came and did a power session at our netball training earlier in the year. Prior to joining DediKate ...


Angie Carter

I came across Kate Ivey Fitness at the perfect time - when my health was anything but! My health and fitness have always been of huge importance ...


Jess Cowley

I received my cap in Jan after completing one awesome year of DediKate ! It has now been 18months and I am still absolutely addicted to ...


Natasha Maybee

I love dedikate! I have learnt so much about my physical and mental strength since being apart of the program. The workouts are amazing (and ...


Jane Milne

A year ago I was in a bad place eating a block of chocolate a day. No energy no fitness and over weight. I couldn’t keep up with my 3 boys ...


Nicole Phillips

I initially joined Dedikate after realising that I was approaching a round number birthday and really wanting to do something to improve my strength ...

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