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Kate Ivey

Hall of Fame

Here at Kate Ivey Fitness the focus is on making health and fitness a realistic and maintainable part of your life, no quick fixes. When women have been a DediKate Member for a year they are gifted a personalised ‘DediKated’ cap (which has their DediKate number on it) and they are inducted into our Hall of Fame!

So far 71 caps have been earned! Here is a selection of the amazing women who have shared their stories with us! Congratulations to all those who have been a DediKate member for 1 year plus, and thank you for being a part of our wonderful, supportive and successful community!


Kate Ivey

I am so proud of this incredible community of women I have created! But it would not be here without the hard work and passion from DediKate members...


Ruth Bruinsma

I have been on DediKate for 19 months but decided that I would sign up for the 12 week challenge even though I could have used being busy as an excuse...


Sarah Waldie

After major knee surgery and having three kids in three years my physio kindly told me that I had no muscle tone anywhere and my rehab would be very...


Kelly Pitts

I am 41 years old and feel fitter and stronger than ever thanks to Kate and DediKate. I live on a farm over an hour from the closest town and gym...


Jo O'Neil

I love that I get a weekly schedule to work on in my own time and some pretty amazing recipes also. I love exploring the hills and the DediKate ...


Annie Innes

DediKate has changed my life! I regained my strength (after 3 babies), strengthened my core, gained muscle definition, gained knowledge on ...


Kirstina Moore

I joined Dedikate after a friend recommended Kate. I was already active but I wanted something flexible that I could do at home or at the gym ...


Hannah Reeves

DediKate has changed my life both mentally and physically in 2018. I began my journey in 2017 but really stepped it up in 2018. This year I have ...


Susan Ross

January 2017, six months after giving birth to my first child I was feeling low, uncomfortable with my appearance and constantly in pain from my ...

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