Are you a beginner, someone lost in navigating the wide world of fitness, or just need some support to get yourself back to looking and feeling great?

Then this 6 week challenge is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Starting easy and gradually building up, Ground Zero focuses on repairing and strengthening your body. You’ll be exercising 4 times a week in a way that’s realistic and sustainable for you. After six weeks you’ll be feeling really proud of the amazing improvements to your overall fitness!

Need some extra support? Join in on social and get amongst other women doing the challenge and DediKate Members who once started out just like you!

How you can Participate:

Step 1: Sign up on DediKate.co.nz for a 2 Week Free Trial.

Step 2: Register for DediKate Ground Zero, found under the Challenges tab.

Step 3: Print out a copy of the challenge planner….

and get ready to officially start on Monday 2nd November!

Win an outfit with Rhind or Ruby & Rain!

We’re honoured to be supported by Rhind and Ruby & Rain, two super stylish NZ made brands! Both specialise in boutique leisurewear, with Ruby & Rain also offering plus size womens clothing.

Send in your DediKate Ground Zero story at the end of the challenge. The woman with the most inspiring story will be dressed in their brand of choice!

DediKate Members Stories

What was your fitness like before you started?

“Zero!!! I’m now smashing level 3 power sessions and running 5kms, so I think it’s pretty good haha! I couldn’t even do a burpee when I started, I had to walk it in and out or the Swiss ball pull ins, but I can now!!”

Cherry McGovern

“Maybe went for a walk once a week if I pushed myself to go. Now I workout at least 5x a week. Since starting this workout ‘plan’ I feel better within myself. I have been on Postnatal depression pills since my last baby 2 years ago. I can now proudly say I’m 4 weeks free of them and feeling better everyday.”

Ellen Hovell

“My fitness was average. I was sluggish and had all the excuses in the world to not exercise. But now I am on level 2 during the Power Sessions and I feel stronger and fitter. I have so much more energy to run after my two young boys.”

Rah Dickson

“Oooo, I would say I was unfit. I love going for walks and found these easy, my only form of exercise over the last 10+ years. But if I was to run I wouldn’t have been able to run for more than a minute or so. Strength was next to nothing, I started with 3kgs and no form of core strength, bladder control was weak. Now, I have just increased my weights to 7kg. While I can’t complete some of the exercises with this weight for the whole duration, there is a huge increase in body strength, and my core strength is slowly increasing.”

Jenna Conroy

We all Start Somewhere!

Throughout various milestones in my life such as starting University, travelling and of course, having children, I struggled to prioritise my health and fitness. This led me to have feelings of dissatisfaction, weight gain and low self-confidence.

It is these experiences that inspired me to help others.

I get it! Life can be tough, but if you take each day at a time, you will be amazed by what you can achieve and by the endless physical and mental benefits.

Believe in yourself and you can do it!

“Just do it! You will not regret it. It is hard to start and it hurts but that goes away and you will start seeing results which is just the best!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my own equipment?

No you don’t! None of the workouts on DediKate Ground Zero use equipment. This challenge is meant to break down barriers!

What if my fitness is not good enough?

It will be! We start easy and slowly build up. Everyone is encouraged to do their best, and if you need to take breaks that is 100% fine!

How will I know what to do?

The DediKate Ground Zero page will have all the information you need, plus a planner that tells you which workouts or exercise sessions to do. Get in touch with us via DediKate anytime!

Should I get clearance to exercise?

If you’ve given birth recently, been injured or have a medical condition, you should definitely get clearance from your health care provider first.

How do we do the workouts?

You will have access to them all on DediKate. Simply hit play and follow along with us. We will be encouraging you every step of the way!

Is this challenge suitable for postpartum?

Yes, but only if you have clearance to exercise. Check with your midwife, doctor or healthcare provider. We also recommend you see a physio or women’s health physio, especially before you move onto Week 4 of this programme.

I can’t run, is that okay?

Yes it is! We start off by walking and then build up to an optional jog. You can also sub these for other cardio modes or any other workouts if you wish. It’s all about making it work for you.

Is nutritional advice included?

Yes! Nutrition is not part of the challenge, but with your DediKate Membership you get hundreds of recipes, support and advice from our DediKate Nutritionist.

What if I can’t do some of the exercises?

That’s absolutely ok! Just sub the ones you can’t do for ones you can!