At DediKate, we’re big advocates for body positivity and positive self-image! We value health and fitness over kilos and grams – and we’re encouraging all of our members to Ditch the Scales this month and help us support better mental health in New Zealand!

For every DediKate member who commits to permanently ditching the scales (that means deciding to stop weighing yourself forever!) in the month of June 2020, we’ll donate $10 to I Am Hope.


There are so many reasons to stop weighing yourself, once and for all!

Scales Measure Weight – Not Success!

Not only does resistance training burn fat and build lean muscle, it also increases full body strength, improves bone density, metabolism, posture and more. Resistance training is super important for the musculo-skeletal system as we age.

Scales Encourage a Negative Mindset

Watching the scales can make us give up, even when we are doing everything right with our health and fitness! If the scales don’t tell us what we want them to, we can get down and it can ruin our day. This is crazy, especially given they’re not an accurate measure of success anyway!

Having a mindset of obsessively checking the scales can be a sign of impatience and will likely result in you giving up, even though you are doing the right things. You must be patient and focus on doing your best. If you don’t give up, you WILL succeed.

Ditching the Scales Encourages Positivity!

Scales encourage negative body image and do not help us to lead a long-term healthy lifestyle. Mindsets should be positive, and your focus should be on adding things to your life to enrich it. If you focus solely on weight loss, you’re more likely to have a negative experience and give up.

When you focus on the outcome, or on what the scales are going to say, women tend to see what they are going to ‘get away with’ and are therefore less likely to achieve. Getting rid of the scales can improve your all-round health and fitness success. Taking them away allows you to really focus on the process. It encourages you to eat healthy foods to make you feel great and to fuel your body, and to exercise for the endless benefits.


“I encourage you to ditch the scales to increase your ability to succeed! The benefits are tenfold and you will see that in your results. It’s like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, allowing you to be free to be the best you can be!”

Kate Ivey


There are so many reasons to stop weighing yourself, once and for all!

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Stacey's Story

I joined DediKate during lockdown as I needed some motivation to get moving. I’d been going to the gym sporadically but mostly using the cardio machines...

~ Melissa Henderson

I ditched the scales when I started DediKate! My body started changing for the good but the scales didn’t! Ditch those scales, girls, they won’t bring you happiness (AND they lie).

~ Caitlin Fox

My body has not changed in weight but the shape has changed! I’ve ditched the scales as they don’t count for me anymore and my mental health will feel so much better without them!

~ Jo Brimelow

I ditched the scales when I signed up for DediKate again when lockdown hit us. I don’t know how much I weigh but if my clothes are fitting nicely all is well in my world.

~ Andrea Van Aubrey

I also ditched the scales when starting DediKate. Within the first moth I’d lost so many cms but the scales stayed the same or even went up. My clothes were fitting better, my body feeling better so I decided they were rubbish! Haven’t looked back!

~ Stephanie Bennett

I ditched the scales a couple of years ago. I workout for my mental health as much as my physical health and the scales just get in the way. I found myself getting obsessed and jumping on them every day. Weight fluctuates so much but when I didn’t see the number I wanted to see I’d get really down and it would ruin my mood and my day. Now I just workout because I love the way it makes me feel (maybe not always at the beginning) and I can tell how I’m going by the fit of my clothes. Honestly, it’s all you need!

~ Anna Tarver

Since joining I haven’t lost any weight but got fitter and stronger and lost some mum tum. Now scales have stopped working and I will not replace for your great cause Kate!

~ Jackie O’Reilly

I’ve ditched the scales in the last few months… I realised that the weight I was trying to get to (pre-children weight) was unrealistic and I was getting frustrated that I was exercising and could feel and see my body changing, yet the scales weren’t showing any improvements. Decided the best measure of success is how I feel and how my clothes are fitting.

~ Isabel Hynds

100% this is me. My body weight has stayed the same, but I have definitely lost weight and got fitter. I’ve stopped checking scales because it’s actually disappointing and not encouraging at all. I am taking my cues from how I feel or how my clothes fit. my scales need new batteries and I haven’t changed them, they will just stay unused.

~ Alyse Schumacher

I don’t and never have had scales but occasionally weigh myself at my work. After a year on DediKate I have lost many centimetres off my waist, bust and hips and my entire body shape has changed yet the scales have not budged. I am the strongest I have ever been and I am so proud of my muscle definition now. I definitely don’t need scales to tell me I am the fittest and healthiest I have been in my life!

“Ditching the scales for good is one of the best things you can do for your overall physical and mental health.”

Kate Ivey