Working out with dumbbells – at home, in your local park, or practically anywhere! – is super satisfying, results driven and lots of fun! DediKate Lift is designed to burn fat and build lean muscle – all while boosting your mood, lifting your spirits and making you feel amazing.

This is the perfect 8-week challenge heading into Spring! Strength training — also known as weight or resistance training — exercises a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance. We’ll be focusing on Sculpt and Ignite workouts using dumbbells and a Swiss Ball, with some of your own body weight and household item workouts thrown in too. You’ll also get a taste of our super popular HIIT workouts, for a cardiovascular boost that perfectly complements strength training. You’ll be working out just 4-times a week – the perfect routine to balance this awesome challenge with your other life priorities.

DediKate is all about celebrating non-scale victories, so you’ll take part in fitness testing at the start and the end of this challenge so you can measure your improvements in strength and see just how far you’ve come! If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to Ditch the Scales along with us and focus on REAL results.

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    DediKate Lift includes 4 workouts a week, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule! This 8-week challenge is the perfect time to get started, or refocus your resistance training goals. Once you get started, you’ll love working weight training into your routine and making it part of your life long-term.


    There are so many reasons to add weight and resistance training to your workout routine with DediKate! Here are some of the key benefits…

    Body Benefits

    Not only does resistance training burn fat and build lean muscle, it also increases full body strength, improves bone density, metabolism, posture and more. Resistance training is super important for the musculo-skeletal system as we age.

    Feel-Good Factors

    Weight and resistance training improves mental health and self-efficacy! Studies have shown strength training reduces depression and anxiety, raises self-esteem, and improves cognitive function – all of which helps us feel better emotionally, as well as physically.

    Fast & Effective

    Resistance training with DediKate is fast but effective – with workouts between 20 – 40 minutes offering serious benefits. Weight training increases lean muscle, and having more muscle increases your everyday base metabolic rate, or BMR. Thanks to a higher BMR, those who incorporate resistance training into their workouts burn more calories at rest – meaning your body continues to burn energy even after you’ve finished training for the day.


    One of the things we love about weight training is that you can do it practically anytime, and anywhere. Plus, resistance training is fun and varied, so your body and mind don’t get bored! Flexible workouts that fit around your schedule and lifestyle are great because they’re easy to squeeze into your day, ensuring you’re more likely to keep them up.

    Supportive Community

    When you join DediKate, you’ll have access to our supportive and highly-engaged online community, where you’ll connect with other Kiwi women just like you for the motivation boost and encouragement to keep going! DediKate members love to share their victories and tips, ask questions and support each other through each of our challenges, which makes participating even more fun.

    DediKate Lift kicks off Monday 10th August


    • 1 set of dumbbells (1 – 3kg)
    • 1 set of dumbbells (4 – 8kg*)
    • A Swiss Ball

    *If you’re a beginner, we recommend you start out with 4 – 5kg weights


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    ~ Jackie O'Reilly

    I love that I am getting some muscle definition that I would normally have to go to a gym to get, without actually having to go to the gym! It’s quick, minimal equipment, can do the workouts pretty much anywhere so there’s absolutely no excuses. And it’s working, really loving the results.

    ~ Maricel Fogarty

    I love doing weight training – it strengthens muscles, arms and legs. It keeps you moving and tone your body not to mention losing fat. I use 5 kg, 3kg and 2kg when I do Ignite and Power Sessions.

    ~ Amanda Dormer

    Because I am working out at home I don’t feel under pressure if I look silly, as I would while at a gym, which helps me to actually try harder and achieve more! I love the pumped-up feeling after a good weight/resistance session.

    ~ Tracey Barr

    I really enjoy the Sculpt and Ignite workouts. Noticing a huge difference in strength and definition. Heading into my 50s muscle is key in supporting the skeletal system and Sculpt live Monday is just the best way to start the week on the right note!!!

    ~ Lisa Burrowes

    I love that it can be done from the comfort of your own home and the fact I can get my weights out, do an Ignite session and be done in 20-25mins. I am exactly 1 month in and I’m seeing results in my body shape and increase in my strength already.

    ~ Jo Beggs

    Love the fact we can get resistance training (without having the expense of a personal trainer) to guide us through using weights for developing muscle strength & definition-love the intensity of Ignite! Great fat burning & metabolism boosting

    ~ Louise Blackwood

    I love been able to use the weights at home. I really enjoy Sculpt & the feeling afterwards. I am actually ready to move up weights in some exercises so very pleased. I am not a natural runner. I feel much fitter & have more energy.

    ~ Tehorohoro Wharepouri

    Sculpt and ignite are my favourite workouts. I feel like I have gained so much in strength, stamina and endurance. The exhausted but elated feeling it gives afterwards, is even more of a motivation. Also moving between sculpt and ignites, help spice things up too.

    ~ Mary-Louise Roulston

    I love being able to train in my time. Don’t have to be at the gym at 7am and can train as many times in a week as I like!

    ~ Lani McKenzie

    I like the convenience of doing weights at home and not having people watching like they tend to do when you’re doing weights in a gym. The variety of ways we use the weights keeps it interesting too. I’ve definitely noticed a huge change in my strength and definition since I’ve started doing both sculpt and ignite.

    ~ Fiona McQuade

    Stronger, leaner and toned are key benefits of Sculpt. Add in the ease of choosing your workout and doing it at a time that works for you and you have what has become my most favourite workout on the Kate Ivey menu.

    ~ Laura Adams

    One of the reasons I joined DediKate was to help tone and strength my muscles to help with my running while doing it from the comfort of my home, win-win.

    ~ Rachel Cash

    My two favourite workouts! I love feeling strong! Every session is so satisfying. I love how quick they are, and being able to fit them in around our busy household. I don’t have to wait for my hubby to come home from work and the kids know how important it is for me to get my workout done. I am happier and more calm when I put myself first and get it done.


    DediKate is all about celebrating non-scale victories! You’ll take part in fitness testing at the start and the end of DediKate Lift so you can measure your improvements in strength and see just how far you’ve come.

    If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to Ditch the Scales along with us and focus on REAL results.

    Nothing beats feeling strong and confident, so REGISTER NOW to take part!