Exclusive to DediKate members and proudly supported by Lorna Jane, the DediKate6k Challenge is all about reaching YOUR next personal best. Join the challenge – and an active community of like-minded and inspirational women – and follow our 7-week training plan and workouts as you work towards your next goal!

Whether you’re running or walking your 6k, you’ll be blown away by just how much you improve during the course of the challenge – and we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs along the way!

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The focus of the DediKate6k is the DOING. Do the work and you’ll see the results! Check out the above video for a quick overview from Kate.

The Schedule

The DediKate6k Challenge officially begins 17th February. On this day (or as close as possible, to fit around your schedule) you’ll map/time yourself walking or running 6km as fast as you personally can.

Along with the rest of the DediKate6k community, you’ll spend 7 weeks following the DediKate6k training plan, which includes 2 runs (or walks) and 2 DediKate workouts each week, plus an optional Speed Session (running fartlek/interval training audio workout).

On the weekend of the 4th and 5th of April you’ll take part in the DediKate6k online running event, following the same course as your initial 6km. Walk/run your 6km –whenever suits you that weekend – as fast as you can, ensuring you are mapping/timing yourself from start to finish! You’ll be blown away by how much you will have improved!

The DediKate6k kicks off Monday 17th February 2020


When you participate in the DediKate6k, you’ll complete fun workouts and follow a proven training schedule – designed to help you smash your goals and reach new personal bests.


The DediKate online community helps our members stay engaged, inspired and motivated! Share your progress and little wins along the way, and connect with a great group of likeminded Kiwi women.



DediKate gives you instant access to workouts, tips, challenges, recipes and more.

~ Angie

I’m a regular runner (1-3 times a week depending on my running event calendar) but the DediKate6k pushed me to work on increasing my speed. I already have my DediKate6k goals in mind for 2020. Bring it on!


Loved it, and was challenging with both fast pace and steady pace runs set out weekly! Also amazing support group of ladies of all fitness levels supporting each other. Definitely will be signing up again..


Prior to the DediKate6k I had only run a few times. Under Kate’s guidance I was so surprised with my results and now run 6km at least once a week. #iamarunner

~ Hannah

The DediKate6k was a great challenge for all levels. The support of the other ladies really motivated me to get the challenge done and the range of lengths of runs meant it was always interesting. The improvement I made was amazing!

~ Angela

Loved the Dedikate6k last year! It’s so achievable for everyone – from just starting out to experienced runners who want to work on their speed. Can’t wait to get into it again this year.

~ Kelly

I loved it. I had never run before the challenge, the support throughout was a great motivator… and I can’t wait for this year’s dedikate6k

~ Danica

Hmmmm I might have to give this a go… running has never been my thing but I’m surprising myself with what I’m achieving since joining DediKate!

Ruth's Story

I kept admiring you from afar. You were doing these amazing things. A bunch (ok, a large bunch) of woman were singing your praises. They were all glowing, getting themselves back into their happy places.

I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that I had to leave ‘Jim’ for ‘Kate’.
I never thought I’d ever jump the fence.

First I had to tell ‘Jim’ that we were taking a break. It was tough – we had been through a lot in the 4 years we were together. I had to do the whole ‘it wasn’t him it was me’ thing because it had been great. In mid October I had to make the decision to have an urgent hysterectomy the next week, I was in pretty bad health but I kept going. I did the 6 weeks recovering on the couch and then went back to work. I felt amazing, I had all this energy. Then after 3 months I was allowed to exercise so ‘Jim’ and got it sorted again.

Then I started not sleeping, the energy was less, I was going backwards not forwards. It took a while for me to realise but I was that ‘rushing woman’. Everything was on a military timing, I was just ticking the exercise box but not giving it my all because I was thinking about what I had to rush to next, what’s traffic like (yeah I’m in the city, not that it’s 3pm and the cows are crossing the road for milking kind of traffic).

You kept popping up with these amazing successes stories. Could I really leave ‘Jim’? Were these results real? Then you did it – you opened the gate with dedikate6k. I could do that; it was the shove I needed. I thought I’d never train this way, that I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep going, but it was as easy as I had to run that 6k faster on week 7.

Because I could train at home, I would generally do them when I first got up, half asleep, but it didn’t matter – no one saw me (except the neighbour would always be going to work as I did sprints up the driveway!). My runs would usually be in the weekends, since leaving a preschooler home weekdays while you pound the streets is heavily frowned upon!!

I had stopped my rushing, which was creeping back in and stealing my energy. I was now training more efficiently, stretching properly afterwards and my whole body and mind were back in a better space.

Sure I had days when I wore my ‘active wear’ all day because I was going to train after I did this or that but I never did. I’d look at my watch and I hadn’t completed my exercise challenge, get annoyed as all the rings were looking pretty, but then tomorrow was a new day and I would get all those rings looking pretty.

Then on week 7, I did run faster – a whole 7 minutes faster!!!!
Thanks for the great journey so far, I know I’m going to get even faster!!