DediKate With A Mate

8 Weeks

24 Alaska Tees to be won

Compete against your friend for motivation (and points!) and with your friend for prizes!

Printable workout points tracker

Lots of fun!

Raising money for the NZ Spinal Trust

Get started with your 2 Week FREE TRIAL

How to take part:

Step 1: Grab a friend and make sure you are both DediKate members! You can start with your 2 Week Free Trial . If you can’t find a ‘mate’ then email us and we will try and find one for you, or you can convince your partner/hubby to do it with you.

Step 2: Register for the challenge . (Free to register but you must be a DediKate Member. Login to DediKate first, then open this page on another tab)

Step 3: Print off the Workout Points Tracker (found on DediKate)

Step 4: Decide what is at stake between the two of you. ie. what the person with the most points gets

Step 5: Get started on your health and fitness, ready to start earning points from the start date of Monday 29th July

Prizes up for grabs

Main Prize

Even though you are competing against your friend, you also want them to complete the challenge. All those pairs that compete the challenge can send in a story about what they have achieved as a pair to go in the draw to win a Tee from Alaska Tees each. 20 Tee’s up for grabs, so 10 winning pairs!

Sweaty Selfie Photo Comp

Post your post workout sweaty selfie to the pinned post at the top of the Kate Ivey Fitness Facebook page. Tag in your partner, calling them out, asking them if they have done their workout! This will put you and your partner in the draw to win a Tee each from Alaska and 6 weeks of email contact support from Kate. 2 winning teams! Entries close at the end of Week 4.

More Info

How it works:

  • You compete against your friend for points which are earned by doing workouts, you decide what is a stake at the start.
  • Only 4 workouts per week can earn points.
  • Different workouts are worth different points (see printable workout points tracker).
  • There is a bonus point each week too, which will be announced in the weekly emails and on Insta-story.


  • You can only get points for up to 4 workouts each week.
  • Bonus points are gained from these 4 workouts, not from doing extras. (See the Workout Points Tracker for points info)
  • Your friend/partner for the challenge must be a DediKate member too, unless they are your spouse – they can join in with you.
Alaska Tees

Buy our custom designed print from Alaska Tees and $20 will go to the NZ Spinal Trust!

“Hips up, bum down, back flat”. How often have you heard that? If you are new to DediKate you are about to hear this a lot!

Get your tee, sweater or dress etc from Alaska Tee’s with our print (lots of colours and styles to choose from) and $20 will go to the NZ Spinal Trust. How awesome is that!? You will find our print under the Fitness section.


About Alaska Tees

Alaska is all about the bespoke tee. Create your own tee to suit your flavour, taste and style. Whether you love the slogan tee, a graphic tee, vintage tee or something sweet and cute, you can choose from our library of over 5000 designs.