Welcome to DediKate Complete

This challenge is a complete health and fitness approach, where the goal is completion! Not only does it include the HIIT and/or Resistance Training workouts that DediKate is famous for, but also your choice of our Yoga and/or Pilates, PLUS nutrition! Work hard to improve your fitness and learn how to look after your body to be at your best!

How to take part

Step 1: Sign up to the DediKate 2 Week Free Trial.

Step 2: Register for the DediKate Complete Challenge. You will find it under the Challenges tab on DediKate.

Step 3: Gather up equipment (see DediKate) if you want to do the at home weights workouts. If not, then no equipment is needed!

Step 4: Print the challenge planner and get ready to officially start on Monday 19th October.

Hear what our Members have to say about DediKate

“I was feeling sluggish, unwell in myself and unmotivated. I saw Dedikate pop up and I thought I have to get back on to it. I have been doing it now for 7 weeks and wow what a change in my physical self and mental state. I feel stronger and have more energy and most importantly I am feeling so much happier.”

“Over past 6 months I’ve become notably stronger, fitter and have a lot more energy to keep up with my kids. Everyday tasks are easier. I love the accountability of DediKate challenges and the amazing community of members who encourage you along your way. Bring on DediKate Complete!”

“I love that in 20 min I can have completed a sweaty, need to catch your breath workout all while my kids run around and I am bare foot in my lounge. I love what Dedikate has done for my sanity and mental health. I feel so much more patient, focused and stronger.”

About DediKate

DediKate is the online health and fitness community for busy NZ women. It has everything you need to enable you to lead a long term healthy lifestyle!

Workouts include HIIT, at home resistance training, low impact, postpartum, cardio, pilates and yoga. No equipment is needed to get started. Simply hit play and do the workouts with us! DediKate also includes hundreds of delicious and easy to make recipes, nutrition education, meal plans, running plans, member deals and a super supportive community of women.