I understand the challenges of balancing life and your health and fitness

I have overcome my own struggles too.

Kate Ivey

I understand the challenges

I have overcome my own struggles too

Kate Ivey



DediKate is the online health and fitness community for all busy people – male or female, young or old, city or country and fit or still working on it!

Whether you’re a new Mum, returning from injury, just beginning your fitness journey or are after something more advanced – we have you covered!

DediKate offers Low Impact, Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Running and HIIT workouts as well as stretching, nutrition and mindset work – there’s something in there for everyone! All workouts are effectively designed for getting fit, losing fat and gaining lean muscle (but without having to spend too much time!).

The workouts are new each week so you never get bored or reach plateau. The recipes are easy to make and the advice and expertise is all focused on long term and long lasting results. Our live workouts with video replays are super motivating and our community of amazing and supportive women will provide real and relatable inspiration!



Live Power Sessions

20 minutes is all I need to get your heart pumping, sweat pouring and muscles burning! Power Sessions are HIIT workouts and are one of the most popular workouts on DediKate. There is no equipment needed so you can squeeze them into your day anytime, anywhere! With 5 levels they suitable for beginners thought to the already very fit!

Live Sculpt Sessions

Resistance training is the most effective way to burn fat and improve your metabolism. But you don’t have to go the gym to do it! With 2 sets of dumbbells and a Swiss Ball, and only 30-40 minutes of your time, I will help you strengthen, shape and tone your entire body!

Boot Camp Blast

Using household items for variety and resistance, I push and challenge you to work as hard as you can, but we have fun doing it! It only takes 30 minutes, you will be blown away by how fast the time goes!


Healthy eating shouldn’t be difficult and you shouldn’t feel like you are being deprived. Our recipes are delicious, easy to make and use simple ingredients. Mouth- watering goodness!

Low Impact Workouts

15 minute workouts are specifically designed to repair and strengthen your body after pregnancy, injury or a long period of inactivity. The workouts also prepare your body for the higher intensity workouts on DediKate, to ensure your body (and mind!) is ready!

Speed Sessions

Do you enjoy running or are you training for an event? Speed sessions are 30 minute running workouts which will help to improve your running pace and efficiency. They are also an effective way to burn fat and increase your fitness, that simply going for a walk or jog won’t achieve.

5 Min Ab Workouts

Having a strong core is super important for day to day life and to prevent injury. These workouts are a great challenge, and working on your core makes you feel empowered and in control! Chuck these workouts onto the end of any other workout or cardio bout.


Ignite is our 20 min High Intensity Resistance Training workout, designed to challenge and have you gaining strength and fitness fast! All you need are some heavy and light dumbbells and you’re ready to go!


Take some time out and enjoy a good stretch! Calmé is our 10-20 min stretching and relaxation session, perfect for after workouts or rest days.


20-30 min restorative sessions designed to improve your flexibility and take time out. DediKate offers both Hatha and Yin styles so you can pick your session depending on what you feel you need at the time!


20-30 min low impact sessions for strength and flexibility. Pilates is great for mind to muscle connection and compliments any workout schedule!


20 min Pilates sessions designed for new Mum’s, or those with a weak or compromised core or pelvic floor – a great step for getting back into exercise post birth.

Eat Great

Learn how to fuel your body and look after it with food, in a long term sustainable way. No diets and no guilt! Watch or listen to DediKate Eat Great with our DediKate Nutritionist – a new topic is discussed every week!

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