Join our new 6-week plan and get ready for the good times.

It’s coming! The silly season is on the doorstep, and there’s so much to look forward to. Long evenings, beach time and bbq’s are all on the radar, plus plenty of delicious food and celebrating with our faves.

We know it’s a super busy time. The end of the year can get a little crazy juggling everything you need to get done. But don’t stress! We’ve created a new 6-week programme to fit easily into your schedule and keep you feeling great while you charge on through to Christmas.

We know you don’t need anything else to think about, so we designed the 6-week fitness plan to be simple and easy to follow. Just print out your schedule and tick off the steps to de-stress and feel good – it’s as simple as that.

You’ll be exercising 3-4 times per week, and you can choose from equipment or no equipment options, whichever suits you best. The 20-30 minute workouts are easy to fit in – you can do them anywhere, anytime.

How you can Participate:

Step 1: Sign up on for a 2 Week Free Trial.

Step 2: Register for the 6-Week Fitness Plan, found under the Challenges tab.

Step 3: Choose your type of plan and print out a copy of the challenge planner….

and get ready to start on Monday 16th November, just in time for Christmas!

DediKate Members Stories

What they love about our ’20 minute, super efficient’ workouts!

“It’s so easy to squeeze into a hectic day! The bonus is these workouts are fun!”

Melissa Henderson

“The plan fits in perfectly with working around kids. Plus, my kids love to join in too.”

Katie Burrett

“I love these workouts, and Kate’s encouraging voice helps to keep me going.”

Selina N Troy Fensom

“The variety of workouts and the whole holistic health approach is amazing!”

Rah Dickson

DediKate Workouts

New to training? No problem! Throughout the 6 weeks, Kate and the trainers will show you what to do, motivate and encourage you as you complete your workouts along with them!

Here are some examples of the types of workouts included in this 6-week plan:

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is when an exercise is done at a very high intensity followed by a lower intensity exercise or rest. HIIT is super effective – after the workout is over, your body continues to burn fat!

Resistance Training

Resistance training tones, strengthens and shapes your muscles – it also burns fat and improves bone density, posture and makes day to day life easier!


Pilates is a great low impact form of movement that is great for balance, flexibility, strength, tone, posture, core stability and mind and body control.

You can do this plan without any equipment!