Drumroll please…..Introducing Erin – our DediKate Pilates teacher!

DediKate has recently added Pilates, Postpartum Pilates and Yoga to the mix and we’re pretty excited about it!

Each week Erin will be taking a 20 min Postpartum and a 20-30 min Pilates session. You can join her live (Postpartum Mon 7.30pm and Pilates Thursday 9am) or do the replay whenever suits you!

Erin lives in Christchurch with her husband, one year old boy and two dogs. She worked in IT for a number of years before retraining with a certificate of fitness, and nutrition degree.

Since then she has trained as a Pilates teacher and is currently completing her Yoga teacher training.

She is a big believer in moving your body and eating in a way that serves your body and makes it feel good long term, not just in the moment. Erin is a total fan of ditching the scales and instead focusing on non-scale goals, like getting stronger, fitter, having more energy or feeling better mentally.

Erin is super excited about being part of the DediKate team, and we are super excited to have her!

You can follow Erin on Instagram at @inspire_life_nz

Who is keen to join Erin for Pilates?! Why not get your DediKate 2 Week Free Trial and start today?!

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