Postpartum girls!

Just a reminder that after having a baby your body has a lot of repairing and strengthening to do that takes time.

I understand it can be hard to be patient (I was the same), but it is essential you give your body time and that you do not do exercises that put too much pressure on your core and pelvic floor especially.

Our recommendations:

  • Get clearance from your doctor, physio, women’s health physio or another appropriate specialist before you commence our workouts.
  • Start with the Low Impact workouts which are designed for postpartum (but get clearance first).
  • See a women’s health physio or similar again before you progress from low impact workouts to our other workouts. We wouldn’t expect anyone to be ready to progress from Low Impact before 12 weeks postpartum.
  • If you start later on after having a baby, you still must start on Low Impact and see a specialist. Your body needs time, but it also needs to strengthen.
  • Ensure you are doing pelvic floor exercises, ideally daily.
  • Gentle walks are great too, gradually increasing their length and your pace – but listen to advice from your specialist and your own body!

A women’s health physio or similar will check your pelvic floor and ensure there are no complications like a prolapse, they will check for abdominal separation and they will give you advice specialised to you.

This is very important, as not doing so will often cause issues further down the line.

Any questions, get in touch!

Kate x

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