Stacey has ditched the scales and is tracking her amazing progress in other ways!

Adding to this a focus on health and fitness and no more dieting, she is feeling great!

Read about Stacey’s journey below in her own words:

The photo on the left was in January 2020. The photo on the right was just 5 months later in May 2020. There has been no weight change, but a massive difference in body composition!

“I joined DediKate during lockdown as I needed some motivation to get moving. I’d been going to the gym sporadically but mostly using the cardio machines. Back in February 2019 I had a gastric bypass as a last attempt to loose weight after years and years of yo-yo dieting and being so hard on my body. I have lost over 56kg… BUT I am so conscious that this is just a tool and that I need to maintain what I have lost by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I promised myself at the beginning of this journey that I would NEVER diet again! I’ve really appreciated Kate’s nutritional advice over the HITT for Fit challenge as it’s made me see how I need to change my fuel depending on how active I am. Yes I still have chocolate, yes I still have the cocktails but all in moderation. In the past I have had an all or nothing mindset, exercise everyday, eat minimal, loose weight… which worked for very short periods of time before I’d crash no burn. This challenge has helped change my mindset and to listen to my body. I’m not punishing myself for the great time I had with my friends or trying to make up for missed workouts… I’m just doing the best I can right now.

Being a dieter my whole life the scales have always been how I judged my progress. When Kate suggested giving up the scales I felt scared! How would I know that I was doing well? She suggested photos and only weighing every 6-8 weeks. I hadn’t taken any photos in a long time as my weight has stabilised so I didn’t see the point but when I compared my photos from the beginning of the year to now, after HITT for fit, I was actually surprised at how my body had changed. Even my jeans feel looser despite the scales staying the same. What I am doing is actually working!

I’ve just upped my heavy weights to 6kg and completed my first Sculpt workout and my arms are shaking! I love that I don’t have to leave the house and I can pause it if I need to wipe someone’s bum! I get the same feeling (if not more) from a ignite or resisted workout in 20mins that I would get from an hour at the gym! I’ve canceled my gym membership and convinced my friend to do the DediKate with a mate challenge and I’m really excited for it!”

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