Congratulations to Amy Huggins who has significantly improved her running, by including DediKate workouts in her weekly schedule.

Amy has also ditched the scales, is focusing on a fitness mindset and has more energy from eating more.

Read Amy’s story in her own words below:

“I’m a busy working mum with two preschoolers, who works as a teacher and lives rurally which means I have an hour commute each day. My time is very precious and limited and I’ve found that fitting a DediKate session in and around my schedule is so easy to do because it’s all online so I can do whenever and wherever!

Before starting DediKate I was running at 7 on the treadmill consistently. The other day I ran 9.6 on the treadmill for 6km! I totally give it credit to doing a variety of exercises with DediKate rather than just running like I had done previously. Love the speed sessions as well!

I’ve really tried to focus more on my nutrition as I was also getting to the stage where I wasn’t eating a lot. Now consistently eating regular healthy meals with the odd treat chucked in and I am actually feeling better than ever!

I’ve also decided to chuck the scales out as since starting with you I’ve barely looked at them anyway because I’ve changed to a fitness mindset. Long term lifestyle change rather than a crazy diet that I can’t keep up.

I love our support group and love how genuine you are in your posts, so thank you I really appreciate it”.

We are so proud of you Amy. You have really taken on everything that DediKate is all about and made it work for you so effectively!

Check out how you too can ‘ditch the scales’ and help out the I Am Hope charity in the process!

Kate x

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