A lot of us created new routines throughout lock down – with our families, work and health and fitness. We’re sure many of these changes have been positive ones that we would like to keep up long term!

Although there may not be as much time spare as we have had over the past couple of months, we can still continue to make our health and fitness our priority!

So how do we keep these great new habits going as we return to work, school and other commitments? We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you keep the awesome momentum going, read on to find out more!

  • Get clear on your ‘why’ – this can be a game changer! Knowing why you are getting up early, or squeezing that 20 minute workout in your lunch break can be the difference in getting it done or not. Write it down and remind yourself daily!
  • Set goals with time frames. Aim to go up a level in a DediKate Power Session, add an extra kilometer to your run, or increase your weights! Think about how great you’ll feel when you achieve your goal – and when you get there, set another!
  • Plan your week in advance. Planning your exercise week in advance and scheduling like you would other appointments is key to making them happen!
  • Try to include a range of different types of exercise and some stretching in your week. Not only will your body love you for it, but this will help prevent boredom. You’ll be more likely to stick to your routine if you’re enjoying what you’re doing!
  • Be realistic. Planning to fit in 5 workouts when realistically you know you can only actually fit in 3 around a busy week? This can leave you feeling disheartened and like you’re not making progress. Do the best with the time you have and make the most of every other opportunity to move!
  • Get your gear out the night before, fill your water bottle and have everything else you need ready. This way you can crank into your workout as soon as it gets to your time with no time wasted!
  • Remember you don’t have to be slaving away for hours to get an effective workout! Short workouts at your maximum intensity is all you need to increase your fitness, burn fat and get fitter and stronger! DediKate offers a range of workouts that work on this principle and are all only 20-30 minutes long!
  • Take a water bottle with you so you keep drinking all day. As well as the important factor of being well hydrated, thirst can mess with your hunger signals sending you for food when really all your body wants is a drink!
  • Eat frequently and ENOUGH! Not eating enough, or waiting until you are starving will inevitably lead to less than nutritious food choices in the long run. Avoid this by fuelling yourself regularly with a range of wholefoods. Keeping yourself fuelled will also help you give everything to your workouts!

DediKate offers a great variety of workouts to suit most ages and fitness levels – no danger of getting bored here! From stretching and low impact, to HIIT, strength, running and resistance training – we’ve got you covered!

Why not see for yourself and give our 2 Week Free Trial a go? There’s nothing to lose!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Kate x

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