We’re sure you will all agree Isabelle has done so well and there are so many important and inspiring messages in her story! Well done Isabelle, keep up that awesome work and enjoy your new Rhind gear!

Read about Isabelles experience in the recent HIIT For Fit challenge in her own words below:

“I hope this email finds you and your family well as we finally get back to some sense of normality! My name is Isabelle, and I am 19 years old. When I am not a student at Lincoln University, I live in the beautiful Waitaki Valley. My HIIT for Fit story sure won’t be the most inspiring, but I wanted to thank you none the less.

I had been thinking about signing up for a while after doing a few of your workouts with a friend. But, classic university life got in the way, and it wasn’t until the lockdown arrived I was kicked into gear and joined. Not long afterwards, the HIIT for Fit challenge appeared. It’s like this challenge was made for me! HIIT workouts are my absolute favourite, and at that moment, I needed something to push me to exercise. The challenge gave me an excuse to have at least 30 minutes to myself each day, where I wasn’t studying or helping my parents on the farm. University has been pretty hard over this time, and having an excuse to step away from the desk helped me, physically, and most definitely mentally.

The first few weeks were simple enough; I was motivated and looking for something fun. But halfway along (as I usually do when it comes to any form of exercise plan), I really questioned why I was doing the workouts and whether I could be bothered. But that was when I noticed level 2 power sessions weren’t as hard as they used to be, and your constant motivation kept me going. Thank you for guilt-tripping me into telling myself that giving up would let you down!

You have helped my body and mind to become healthy, which is a big thing for a teenager navigating all the crazy things the start of adulthood throws at her: money, study, diet and alcohol, even boys (yuck!). Getting myself through the last 8 weeks has been a roller coaster, but just having that small portion of the day dedicated to exercise has been a haven. Being surrounded by a community of women who build each other up, no matter what stage they are at in their journey, is an unreal experience. You don’t get that everywhere! I’m no longer comparing myself to other females who run further or look better in a bikini. I have something that relies on me doing my best and holding myself accountable. I’m confident in just being!

I haven’t actually done any of the progress workouts or measured myself before and after, because that’s not what I wanted this to be about. I wanted to prove to myself I could do this and teach myself that sometimes the gains aren’t always so physically noticeable. Your challenge has helped me do just that.

I don’t think I’ve said this how I want to, but I can see I am totally rambling! So, thank you for giving a girl some guts, and helping her to achieve something she never thought she would.”


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