There have been many things which have been tough to get our hands on during this lockdown period – toilet paper, flour, anyone outside of our ‘bubble’ and WEIGHTS it seems!!!

This does not mean resistance training is out of the picture though! All it takes is a little imagination and thinking outside the box and you can still get a great workout in at home.

We have put together a few great household items you can use as well as a few places you may still be able to get your hands on weights if you’re wanting to purchase.

  • Your body! Don’t underestimate the power of body weight. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can focus on correct form and depth. Adding pulses to these movements also adds intensity! Think deep squats or lunges, holding or pulsing at the bottom, holding a press up at the lowest point or even raising a leg or arm while your planking! All these options will add an extra challenge and are guaranteed to get a burn on.

  • A chair or step. Try step ups, elevating a leg whilst lunging or using as a level to lower your squat to!

  • Drink bottles or 2L milk containers filled with water make great dumbbells!

  • Kitchen cans! These can be used in many ways – hand weights, adding to a shopping bag for a makeshift Kettlebell or spaced out for a ladder or shuttles. Cutlery is also a great tool for fast ladder footwork.

  • A backpack filled with something heavy is super handy for adding weight to bodyweight moves like squats and lunges – just make sure it’s done up and the straps are nice and firm.

  • Heavy books can be used as weight plates or even for elevating a foot or hand in bodyweight movements like squats, lunges and press ups.

As far as where to buy weights, there are a few options throughout NZ – most of which offer the option of delivery.

If you do purchase, it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of weight options, one lighter set and one heavier. This way you are able to do a variety of different exercsies, using both small and large muscle groups.

Try out the following websites:–systems/

DediKate’s Boot Camp Blast workout uses a different household item every week to add an extra challenge. We also have Resistance Band workouts (you can get the bands from us) and HIIT workouts with no equipment needed. When you get your hands on weights you can do our Resistance Training and High Intensity Resistance Training workouts, or use cans or water bottles in the meantime.

We hope you found this useful! If you have any other imaginative ideas we would love to hear about them!

Get in touch with us any time.

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