Taking a moment, slowing down, getting organised. Easy in theory, not so easy in practice for some!

We all lead such busy lives, with a seemingly unending ‘To Do’ list! Many of us wear multiple different hats within any given day – employee, wife, mother, farm hand, taxi driver, carer, teacher….The list is endless – it’s no wonder we sometimes end up frazzled, and going full speed daily!

While being motivated and productive is great, how many of us wish there was an ‘off’ button to our brains at times?!

Slowing down, being mindful and calm is just as important as getting that workout in, or many of those tasks we deem to be so important.

We know the prospect of slowing down may seem unachievable to some, so we have put together a few ideas and tools you may like to consider implementing into your day or week. Some will seem obvious, but how many of us actually do them – just because we know we ‘should’ do something doesn’t mean we do! We challenge you to try out at least one of these ideas today!

  • Write lists! If there is one thing you should start today it is this one! Getting the jumble out of your brain and onto paper allows you to prioritise the more important tasks from the less important ones. It also gives your head a little space, allowing you to be more present in what you are doing at any given moment. There is also a great sense of satisfaction in crossing things off said list!

  • If you struggle with a busy brain at night, try writing a list for the next day before bed. Often a lot of what is going on up there can’t be dealt with immediately anyway, so getting it out on paper often helps free your brain up allowing it to switch off!

  • For those of us who’s brain fires up as our head hits the pillow, try keeping a notepad beside your bed and do a ‘brain dump’ when this happens. Again, the act of writing it down should help get some of the noise out of your head and allow you to get some much needed rest!

  • Make sure you are breathing deeply. When we are rushing about our breathing can get shallow which can make you feel panicked or overly stressed. When you feel overwhelmed or like you need to slow down, stop and take 10 deep belly breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. You should feel calmer immediately! This is also a great way of starting your day, before you even get out of bed.

  • Try implementing a night time routine. Things like putting your phone down an hour before bed, having a bath, writing, reading, stretching and breathing…Anything you find relaxing really. Allowing your body and mind to slow down will help prep it for a restorative nights sleep.

  • Try to get outside daily! Whether it’s a 5-10 minute walk, sitting in the sun and just breathing or playing around with the kids and dog, allow yourself to be fully present and enjoy. Nature has a powerful calming quality and can be an awesome thing to help you re-energise or get your priorities in check.

  • Disconnect. Our lives are SO connected now! There is often this underlying pressure to be keeping up with it all – social media, work emails, the world in general! Often we don’t even realise how much we are affected by the constant information that is pushed at us until we take it away for a while. Try switching off between a set time at night and morning, or even go a day without scrolling!

If you do give any of these ideas a try, please get in touch and let us know how you got on! We would love to hear about any ideas you have that you find helpful too.
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Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kate x

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