Emma has made lifestyle changes and is definitely feeling the benefits! Well done Emma on making your mental and physical health a priority!

Check out her story below in her own words, and of course her progress pics!

Hi my names Em I’m a kiwi living in Ozzie. I signed up with Kate in January. I had been wanting to get fit again but hard to fit it in working in the shearing industry. We work long days. I went home for Xmas and my sister and sister In law told me about Kate. I signed up as soon as I got back to Ozzie and began my journey. I’ve always been semi fit however was drinking a bit to much after work, eating late and working flat out. I got stuck in a wee rut. I gave up the grog for three months (I made this non-negotiable), only had my first drink last week and have been dedicated to my new lifestyle of eating healthy and smashing these work outs. I think they have become slightly addictive now. My mind and body are extremely healthy and happy. I find the workouts manageable as we travel around a lot for work and each week I set up at a new shed and now have found doing them in the early AM much more efficient. Every morning I wake up with a clear head wanting to get out of bed, I sleep better and don’t drink half the amount of alcohol I did. There is a whole lot more of being happy every god dam day. Kate you have literally encouraged and inspired me to do this and to continue with this lifestyle. I am due to take my 3 month photos but here you have at the top January then at the bottom 8 weeks (never in my life did I think I would share photos like this) I have lost a lot of centimetres in different places as well.
The best thing I believe I have achieved is being kind to myself, I have always been so hard on myself and now I am showing a lot more love and patience.
To all of Kate’s woman thank you for your kindness and support
To Kate your frigging amazing. Thanks for All the fun, efficient workouts and most of all your time.

My quote I’m living by…
“Visualise your higher self and start showing up as her” keep going ladies WE GOT THIS.

Thank you for sharing your story Emma! We love that quote too, definitely one to live by!

Kate x

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