Coffee…..for so many of us it is a key part in our morning routine!


Trying to get ourselves and our families organised for the day can seem like a mammoth task without our little caffeine helper! Then we move on to our late morning ‘pick me up’ and even afternoon slump cure!

It is also likely that caffeine is sneaking into our diets in unexpected places – think energy drinks, bars and even teas. It’s no wonder so many of us battle with sleep issues!

A great way to look at it, is it is OK to drink coffee but what isn’t ideal is relying on it. If you rely on it, it might be time to address why and find alternatives (like nourishing your body and getting enough sleep).

If you are wanting to cut back, reduce or eliminate coffee but are struggling to get started, here are a few tips and tricks to help you out along the way!



  • This one’s important even if you’re not trying to kick the caffeine, start your day with a large glass of water! Your body has been resting and repairing all night and needs it!


  • Look at when you are drinking your coffee. Getting an insight into the triggers and what is causing you to rely on coffee will really help. Perhaps you aren’t fueling yourself enough so you are relying on coffee for energy etc?


  • Is going cold turkey, or decreasing your number of coffees a day gradually going to work best for you. Trying to kick any habit cold turkey can be incredibly difficult (but does work very effectively for the stubborn and determined!) and you could be setting yourself up for failure – particularly if you drink a lot of it! Try cutting back your number of daily caffeinated drinks on a weekly basis to ease yourself in.


  • Switch your hot drink to herbal teas or water! We are creatures of habit, reaching for a coffee at a certain time of day is often all part of a routine. Try switching out your drinks and see what happens.


  • Create a defined rule for yourself for when you drink coffee, this will help you to stick with it. Avoid rules like only when you are tired because this shows reliance, but for example when a friend comes over or when you meet at a cafe.


  • Look at other ways you are getting a caffeine hit. Check the labels on packaged drinks and foods. It’s not just Coca Cola that contains caffeine, even the humble cup of tea contains the stuff!


  • If you feel that caffeine is affecting your sleep, make yourself a ‘caffeine cut off’. Coffee stays in your body for a long time after drinking it, so not drinking after mid-day could be a great start to getting your sleeping patterns on track (which in turn could decrease your need for coffee in the first place!)


  • If you really LOVE the flavour of coffee, that’s cool. Coffee can still be a part of your life, mix up when and where you have it so again it’s not reliance.


  • Ask for a single shot or put less in your mug at home – you’ll still get the flavour and experience, but with less caffeine.


  • A positive mindset and end goal will be key in helping you with the challenge! Approach it in the same way you would any health and fitness related goal and your sure to succeed! Remember – tell yourself you can and you will, tell yourself you can’t and you wont!


Remember reducing and eliminating coffee will benefit your overall health but is not essential for success with your health and fitness. You also don’t want to be working on too many things at once. But if you want to reduce your coffee intake you have our full support!

If you have any more tips or tricks that you would like to share, or have questions or comments please feel free to get in touch! I love hearing from you!


Kate x



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