There aren’t many of us out there that don’t eat more than we need from time to time – that extra roast potato, cleaning up what our children have left, or maybe the last choccy biscuit from the packet!


It all seems pretty harmless at the time, but these little things can add up and could be what is hindering your fat loss progress.


Here are some little tips and hacks that you might find come in handy to help you to stop eating when you are full and keep you on track with your health and fitness goals!


  • Drink water. Most of us don’t drink nearly enough! We can often confuse hunger with thirst, so ensuring you are hydrated will help you make good food choices.


  • Eat regularly! Listen to your body and give it fuel when it needs it – if you wait till you are starving, you are more likely to overeat or reach for less healthy choices.


  • Use a smaller plate! Seems obvious right? The smaller your plate, the less you can put on it! Now, we’re not talking using a saucer or anything ridiculous like that, but a smaller size dinner plate can make a big difference. Alternatively, you could choose to leave a portion of your plate empty. If you are still hungry when you have finished, you can always add a little more!


  • Fill half your plate with fresh fruit and vegetables. As well as adding nutrients to your diet and colour to your plate, these foods add a lot of bulk to your meals. This makes you feel fuller faster – your stomach only has so much space to store what you are consuming!


  • Eat mindfully. Sit at the table for your meals, whether alone or with family members or housemates, turn off the telly and really focus on all the aspects of your meal and the experience. Think about the flavour, texture and your company! Taking more notice of what you’re eating will help you realise when you are really satisfied that you have eaten enough.


  • Eat slowly and chew your food properly. The first part of digestion begins in your mouth, this is why it is important to chew our food properly and take our time!


  • Put snacks or meals on a plate, rather than eating straight from the packet. This is a great one to make you more aware of what, when and how much you are eating. A handful of fruit and nuts from a packet is easily forgotten, whereas a portion in a bowl automatically makes you more aware how much and the fact that you have actually eaten something!


  • Avoid picking while you are preparing meals. It is so easy to do this mindlessly, making you consume more than you realise! Have a snack beforehand if you are hungry. I like to eat an apple when I am baking or preparing food if I find myself trying to pick unnecessarily.


  • Avoid falling into the trap of ‘not letting it go to waste’! If you are full before finishing your plateful – that’s ok! Put the remainder in the fridge to eat later, or add to another meal.


Remember, it is so important to fuel yourself properly! Your body needs energy from the foods that you eat to keep you going through the day and working properly – regardless of whether or not you are working out.


Eating a wide variety of wholefoods, drinking enough water and being mindful when you are eating will help you take control of your eating habits and realise when you are truly satisfied!


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