Congratulations to this gorgeous Bride to Be and DediKate Member of the Month – Kirsty Stratton!


Kirsty has found an amazing balance with her health and fitness, is working out 4 times per week, feels amazing when she puts her clothes on and has said goodbye to 13kgs. 


Check out her story in her own words!

“I started with DediKate just over a year ago, I was looking for something that would bring more consistency to my life with exercise. I work in an office and that had caught up on me over the years.

I have loved Kate’s workouts, I have continued doing 4 a week. I have managed to say goodbye to 13kg and I feel so much better, I actually put on clothes and I feel amazing which is the best feeling ever! I still have wine and treats in the weekend but eat clean during the week. 

The biggest thing I have learnt is that exercise and health is a journey and not a destination, I have always been on and off with exercise which is why DediKate is working well as it is short and easy to do. (When I say easy, I mean it is in my lounge not the workouts as they can be very challenging). I do it before work and it’s done for the day and then I have my evenings to do other things.

The photo is of myself over the weekend at my hens do, which I don’t mind sharing as I am now happy with how I look. 12 months ago I wouldn’t have shared a photo, also I had both my sisters stay last night so they joined me for Ignite Glow!”

Huge congrats on your consistency and perfect balance Kirsty! Keep up the great work and have an amazing wedding day!

Kate x


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