I recently kept a log of the foods I ate, workouts completed and how I was feeling over a couple of days.

Keeping a food diary is a great way to help you be more mindful of what you are eating and a great way to pick up on habits or behaviours that are making healthy eating harder for you. They can also help you to pinpoint why you might be feeling a certain way – energised, lethargic, tired, bloated, etc.

If you are wanting to work on your nutrition I highly recommend you keep one for a week. Use it as a tool to help you to improve, not to make yourself feel guilty.

Here is my food diary below, and what I learnt from it. Remember, this is what I ate over just a couple of days when I was getting myself back on track after the festive season, and is by no means perfect!  It is not a meal plan.

Day 1

9.15am – Green smoothie with oats and seeds

9.30am – Filmed Boot Camp Blast

11.10am – Broccoli, hummus and 2 eggs

12.45pm – Quinoa bowl

2.10pm – Leftover quinoa and tuna

6pm – 2 Wholegrain crackers with hummus, 2 protein wholefood bars

7.30pm – Banana (waiting for dinner)

8.30pm – 2 Mutton chops with salad

Day 2

7.30am – Homemade muesli and peaches

8.15am – Filmed Sculpt

9.30am – 1 slice of toast with peanut butter

11am – Smoothie with banana, berries, protein powder and milk

12.30pm – Kumara salad with tuna

3.30pm – Leftover kumara and protein nut bar

4.30pm – Bowl of oats, seeds and peaches

6.30pm – 1 Mutton chop and a banana

8.10pm – Homemade burger – Wholegrain bun, homemade beef patty and salad

I noticed on day two that I was feeling more hungry than usual and a bit tired. Looking back at what I ate the day before, my main meal was really small and I didn’t have huge amounts of wholegrain carbs after 2pm – these are a major source of fuel and energy for our bodies! As a guide each meal we should aim for half our plate to be fruits and veges, quarter wholegrain carbohydrate, quarter lean meat or protein and a thumbnail of good fat.

To get back on track, I listened to my body and ate when I was hungry – a chop and a banana may seem like an odd combo, but I was hungry and made use of what was easily available. This is another reason leftovers are so great! Cook a little extra at meal times and you’ve always got a healthy option on hand. I definitely ate a lot more on day two. Your body isn’t silly – if you haven’t eaten enough one day, it will want more the next to keep it functioning at full capacity!

Learning to trust your body and fuel it appropriately can take time and practice. Using a food diary is a useful tool to help you get to know what works for you!

I would love to hear from you if you give this a go! If you have any questions or would like to share anything you learned from this process please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Kate x

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