Congratulations to Tam Wilson, the well deserved winner of a weekend at the Millbrook Resort for our recent 8 Week DediKated Challenge!

Have a read about what she has achieved in her own words below, such an awesome and inspiring effort!

“Joining Kate Ivey Fitness coincided with the start of the DediKated 8-week Challenge. A daughter took my ‘before’ photos, I completed the fitness testing and started straight-away with workouts and the beginner running plan.

Wow, what an awesome eight weeks! I am so happy with my results, and am feeling SO much fitter, confident and motivated.

At the start – my fitness was poor and my weight/body was discouraging to me.
I had purchased a simple sports watch two years ago and have been averaging about 10k steps daily but realise now how unbalanced only walking is for overall fitness.

In the past, I have relied on scales for assessing success. I did not lose any weight during this challenge but improvements are obvious in the photos.
Throughout the eight weeks of Kate Ivey workouts, nutrition and support, I lost eight cm from my waist, improved across all fitness testing, but most importantly – photos prove a marked change in my physical appearance.
I am stunned, and excited, by the results. My fitness has improved and my body shape is showing noticeable change and improvement.

Cardio testing was walking/running, uphill, from our letterbox to the first road – 1.5km and return.

Day one, it took 16.5min walking the 1.5km uphill and 37min return. This improved by -3.23min going up and -7.49min return.

I have gone from no running to running 3km within the eight-week challenge. So exciting! New accomplishment!

Wall sit improved from 24 seconds to 2min13sec.
Prone hold (full) improved from 26sec to 1min30sec.
Press-ups (half) improved from 3 to 9.

My favourite workouts have been Sculpt, Low Impact, Beginner’s Running Plan, and 5-min Abs.

I’ve chosen to have one-on-one email support during my first weeks and strived make a plan and report each week.
Your words are encouraging and motivating.

I found drinking at least eight glasses of water daily easy.
I have noticed improvement in my skin.
I am using recipes from the website and trying to explore new areas of information from the website or support group weekly.

Real life still crept in during the challenge and I struggled to complete all the workouts for a couple of weeks.
Overall, though, I have increased my exercise, become more aware of better nutrition and planning for a realistic balance each week.
The online support group has been inspiring.
Reading other member’s ideas, challenges and successes/achievements has been inspiring to me.

The benefits from completing the DediKated 8-week Challenge have been many – a new, positive and inspiring community, improved fitness and body-shape, greater flexibility, and more confidence from new accomplishments top the list!
The greatest achievement is the change in body shape, as seen in the photos, from start to finish. Surprising and impressive!
Before and after photos! Oh my!!!! This happened in eight weeks!”

Awesome work Tam, enjoy that weekend away!
Kate x

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