How many of us have been here before?

Starting the new year with a health and fitness goal. Feeling pumped, motivated, with a clean slate to start you on your new journey.

You go all in for the first couple of weeks – nutrition and exercise are on point – and you see some results quickly. But not before long life starts to get in the way, motivation drops and results start to slow.

It is about this point where most people fall off the New Years resolution ‘wagon’ and give up. That inner voice starts telling you things like you’ve ‘failed’, ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘i’m just not a fit person’.

How very wrong this is!!! Everyone is capable and deserves to live a life full of energy, health and vitality.

The key is to look at health and fitness as a way of living, a lifestyle, rather than a ‘quick fix’.

Here are my top tips to help you on your way to long term health and fitness success!

  • Make small maintainable changes rather than changing everything at once. For example, rather than planning to workout 5 times a week, cook all your meals from scratch and be in bed by 10pm each night, make this a more achievable goal. Something you are more likely to maintain for the long term – remember what you do most of the time adds up! Working out 2-3 times a week and being actively aware of your nutriton and sleep habits is a great place to start, you can slowly implement more changes as your previous ones become your norm.

  • Schedule your workouts like you would an appointment, and make them a priority. This keeps you accountable and limits the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse. I dare say all of us have time to fit in a 20 minute workout 4 times a week!

  • Be consistent! As mentioned earlier, it all adds up. Consistently getting your workouts in and eating mostly a diet full of nutritious foods is what it’s all about!

  • Set goals! Goals are great for motivation and making you feel like a superstar when you achieve them! I like to use fitness based goals rather than anything weight related. A weight goal will always have an ‘end’ whereas you can always improve on your health and fitness! Things like increasing a running time for distance or holding a plank or wall sit for longer are great and easily measurable!

  • Use fitness testing and/or body measurements to set goals and keep you motivated. Doing either or both of these every 6 weeks is a great way of tracking your progress and seeing your hard work and changes coming to fruition!

  • Remember, if you are looking to ‘lose weight’, your weight can increase or stay the same when on this journey too. If you are using the scales as a measure of progress I would also recommend taking body measurements. As you gain fitness you may gain more muscle and lose body fat, this is what you are aiming for! The scales will only give you a measurement of your weight, not an indication of the changes that are going on within your body or the composition changes that can be seen when using measurements.

  • Choose one workout that you prioritise over and above nearly everything in your life. Do this on the same day at the same time each week and ensure you don’t schedule other appointments for this time. That way, no matter what, you will always do this workout and it will keep you on track.

  • Reward yourself for your hard work and allow yourself to be proud of what you are doing! When you achieve a goal tell someone about it! Reward yourself with your favourite healthy dinner, or that new top you’ve had your eye on for a while!

  • Dont get disheartened if you have a bad day or week. They happen to ALL of us! Rather than writing the whole day or week off, think of your next meal or workout as a fresh start – make your next meal a more nutritious choice than the last and give your all in your next workout. If you’re doing YOUR best, you can’t do any better than that!

Your health and fitness is a marathon not a sprint. Finding a maintainable balance that works for you in your life is key! Long term results do not come quickly, they are the result of consistency and putting the work in regularly!
A new year is exciting and a great place to start a new health and fitness journey. Ensure you look at the big picture and see your changes as a way of adding to your life, rather than a chore or a deprivation. Set yourself up for success with a plan and your future in mind and you’ll never fail!
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Kate and the Kate Ivey Fitness team x

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