Fat loss – an entirely different concept to weight loss.

I mean, how many of us have stepped on the scales in the morning to find we weigh less than the night before?! The reverse is also normal and common – weighing more in the evening than the morning. When we step on the scales and see that the number has decreased and we have lost weight, this loss could be in the form of muscle and fluid – not just the fat we are aiming for! Looking at the process from this angle and slightly adjusting your goals to come from a place of overall health and wellness, being strong and fit, as opposed to being set on a magic number is key to success!

Successful fat loss, rather than weight loss, comes when we lose fat, but preserve or gain muscle. Gaining and maintaining muscle is very important for helping your body to function efficiently, increasing your metabolism and therefore helping you burn fat even when you’re resting!

So, now that we have established the difference between fat loss and weight loss, how do we go about making it happen?!

Below are some of my best tips to help you achieve your fat loss goals. This is all about creating a healthy, well balanced lifestyle to reach your fat loss goals – NOT dieting or ‘missing out’ on anything! We are after all, here to life a fulfilled happy life – our lifestyle should help us to be able to live a life we love!


  • Focus on short and effective workouts, that you can fit into your life. The workouts you do will get you the results, not the workouts you are thinking about doing but unable to fit in. Also ensure you have plenty of variety in your workouts! Not only will this prevent boredom, mixing it up will challenge your body in different ways and work many different muscles. A mixture of strength, HIIT and cardio training is fantastic. DediKate offers these workouts in short and effective formats and there are even tips on planning your workouts to get maximum results!

  • Ditch the scales or at least limit their use. The reason for this is explained above, they are not a true indicator of your progress. You can read about more effective ways of tracking in a previous blog post HERE.

  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is often confused for hunger or feeling like we need to keep eating! Next time a craving hits, have a glass of water, do something else for a while and then re-assess – are you still hungry? Drinking enough water is also essential to ensure we have enough energy to go about our daily life, and to reach our goals.

  • Eat regularly. You cannot run on an empty tank! If you think of your body like a car, it needs fuel to perform – so do you! Keeping yourself fueled will help you to perform optimally in all areas of your life, not just in your workouts. If you feel hungry, then you should eat. It is when we are hungry we make poor nutrition decisions, so they best way to prevent this is to not let yourself get to that point. Under-eating, or waiting until you are starving, more often than not leads to binging or just grabbing the closest option – probably not the most nourishing one.

  • Focus on what you are eating, rather than what you shouldn’t be. The more emphasis we put on something we ‘can’t’ have, the more we will want it. Rather, focus on eating a range and balance of healthy and nourishing foods and ENOUGH of them. Restricting too much has a tendency to lead to binges on less healthy choices. You also run the risk of being under nourished or lacking the energy to live your life!

  • Try and disconnect the food and exercise relationship. You still want to be able to eat well when you are not exercising. We also tend to over estimate the impact exercise has and under estimate the impact food has, which sometimes results in rewarding ourselves for exercise with foods to limit.

  • Focus on long term success, what is the point in fat loss if you can’t maintain it? Setting fitness goals is a great way to keep yourself accountable and always improving and evolving! You can always improve your fitness and work on different things with your fitness, but you can’t lose fat forever. Sticking these goals on the fridge, bedroom mirror, or wherever you will see them often and telling your friends and family is a great tool too.

  • Get knowledgeable on food labels and read them! You’ll then avoid getting caught in the trap where you think you are nourishing your body, but you could actually be doing better. For example, when purchasing muesli bars look for whole seed or grain options and be wary of added sugar. Another nasty trick is ‘serving size’, often the breakdown of nutrients is not for a whole pack, rather the suggested serving for you. The more you make reading labels a practice, the more knowledge you empower yourself with. DediKate has information to school you up on this!

  • Don’t give up. If you give up you won’t get the results, if you push on when it gets tough then you will! The mind is such a powerful tool, what we tell ourselves has a huge impact on what we achieve. Tell yourself that you can do it, think positively and celebrate successes – no matter how small they seem, they all add up!

  • Take each day at a time and take control of each decision. Give your body and mind time to adapt to the changes – in the words of Rachel Hunter, ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!’

  • Remind yourself of the other reasons you are doing it. Fat loss is just one, there are so many other benefits! Having a clear ‘why’ right from the start and reminding yourself of this will help you to keep going when you are tired and your fat loss goal just isn’t giving you the push you need.

You can 100% do this! Believe and you will achieve!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kate x

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