Tracking progress – it’s a great way to keep you motivated and accountable!

Progress isn’t always visible. Setting a goal and tracking your results at regular intervals makes your progress visual and will reassure you that what you are doing is working! As everyone’s starting point, goals and targets will differ, so too will their perception of progress and success. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in this game of health and fitness! We’re after long term results, that come from healthy habits that form a lifestyle that is sustainable.

How many of us have fallen trap (or prisoner??!!) to that dreaded scale?! Although it can have its place as a marker for progress, the scale is often not the best way to track. It doesn’t tell you how much stronger you are, how much further you can run without stopping, or about the increased amount of energy you have! Your weight may even increase as you gain muscle, or you may lose weight with no training in the form of muscle, hence why weight is not a complete picture of your progress. The key to success and making fitness a part of your life is to take the focus away from weight loss or what your body looks like, and onto increasing your overall health and fitness.

Remember, weight is just a small component of your health and fitness journey and certainly shouldn’t be your main focus. Below is a summary of some other great ways to track your health and fitness progress and successes. Progress may not always be visible, but remember any shift towards greater health, no matter how big or small, is a step in the right direction!


Fitness testing is an important component of DediKate! Setting fitness based goals and tracking your progress is a great motivator and fantastic for your mindset! Test yourself every 6 weeks (so Week 1, 6, 12, 18, 24 and so on) and keep a log of your results so you can see how far you’ve come. Right after you complete your Fitness Testing be sure to set yourself goals for the next fitness testing, this will ensure you are constantly pushing yourself and making progress!


We’ve all seen them…But you don’t have to show ANYONE yours! This one can go hand in hand with your fitness testing if you like – take a front, back and side on photo at the sames time intervals as above. Try and do it at a similar time of day and wearing the same or similar. This is a great way of seeing the changes in body composition you will be achieving by sticking to your health and fitness routine….No scale can tell you that!


You may well find your favourite pair of jeans getting a little looser as you continue on your health and fitness journey! This is a great feeling and something guaranteed to put a smile on your face for the day. Embrace it and let yourself be proud of what you have achieved!


A great way to give you reassurance that those changes you are implementing are working and anyone can do it! Grab a tape measure and take measurements from your waist, hips, thighs, bust and upper arms. You should do this on bare skin, with the tape firm. Take your measurements at regular intervals – again, every 6 weeks is ideal. Start a chart to record your results and you’ll be able to easily see how far you’ve come in no time..You could even go all out and graph the results!


Health and fitness is about so much more than aesthetics. Better sleep, increased energy levels, better moods and productivity levels are a few of the non visual benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Make a list of areas in your life you would like to make changes and check in regularly with how your feeling – this could also go along nicely with your fitness testing. For example, you may struggle to get out of bed in the morning in the beginning, but come week 6, you’re finding yourself waking up feeling more energised and ready to tackle whatever the day may throw at you!

Remember, it’s all about making small changes and habits that will stick to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle! Setting achievable goals that align with your values and lifestyle is the key to long term success. Go get it!!!

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