Congratulations to our Member of the Month – Rah Dickson! Rah, through working on her health and fitness, has overcome Post Natal Depression!

Rah has also improved her fitness dramatically. She can now do Swiss Ball Pull Ins! She doesn’t focus on weight which is so awesome, but her clothes are fitting more loosely! This is a must read!

“After having my second son in May of this year I returned to the gym 3 weeks postpartum. I found that I had no direction and was unsure how to get back into being active again. I joined DediKate with a Mate after seeing a friend have amazing results and glowing reviews about Kate Ivey Fitness. Erin Harvie a stranger from Christchurch kindly took me on as her mate.

When I joined I was spiraling into the pits of post natal depression. It was a really difficult time, juggling a new baby and a toddler. Getting out of the house and getting to the gym to focus purely on me for an hour was monumental in pulling me out of the dark.

I soon discovered Sculpt It Workouts were my favourite and Boot Camps were a mental challenge.

While I’ve chosen not to weigh myself during this challenge I have focused on other achievements. I can now do lunges, walking lunges, single lunges, step back lunges… all the lunges without holding onto a wall, my balance has improved so much. Today I even managed to do a full set of Swiss Ball Pull Ins. I can now do half push ups and I upped my weights half way through the challenge. I can also do a stationary row for 20-30 minutes instead of the 5-10 minutes I was doing before. I have learnt to embrace the things that I find difficult, knowing that one day they will be easier. Plus all my clothes fit just that much loser.

Having the community of supportive woman to turn to has been the best and Erin was so lovely and supportive. Couldn’t have asked for a better challenger. So well done to her for winning!!

I consider myself on the other side of postnatal depression now. I think that’s been the biggest win for me during this challenge. I could say goodbye to all the weight in the world but to lose the mental weight of depression far exceeds that. Thank you for giving me purpose and something to focus on!”

So incredibly proud of you Rah. You have shown what can be achieved if you put yourself first, even if just for a few hours a week!

Thank you very much for sharing your inspiring story.

Kate x

Mental health is something we should all be aware of, it touches so many of us in some way throughout our lives. If you would like to donate to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ, you can do so HERE. Thank you!

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