Whether you’re just getting into running, have been pounding the pavement for years, or have an event coming up, I’m sure you’ll find something to aid in your running career here!

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  • When you start out, if you can’t run the distance asked on a plan don’t panic!
    Walk/Run/Jog ensuring you cover the distance required. As you get fitter you will be able to cut out the walking part!
  • The shorter run of the week is more of a focus on intensity and this should really challenge you.
  • The longer run is about covering the distance required, and you should be able to talk while you run
  • Make Speed Sessions a priority too. They help to increase your running pace and efficiency and are very time effective.
  • It shouldn’t all be about running. Other DediKate workouts such as Sculpt, Power or Boot Camp etc will increase your all around body strength. This will make you a stronger and faster runner and help to decrease your chance of injury.
  • Have at least one rest day per week
  • Train in the clothes and shoes that you intend to race in. Ensure your shoes are designed for running.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and practice your race day nutrition on your long run day.


Set yourself a race day goal. Setting yourself a goal will ensure you are getting the most out of your training and help you to prioritise it. It will also give you that extra motivation you need to do your best on race day.

Set a time which you would like to complete the event in – or for some running the whole way or part of the way might be a perfect goal.

It should be challenging so that is really motivates you to train, but it should also be realistic and


Leading up to your event, ensure you are as mentally fit as you are physically. Do you believe you can do this? Spend time when you are training talking to yourself positively, and learning how far your mind can push your body.

Our minds are so powerful and so often they stop us from achieving what we can. We listen to negativity and lose faith in our own abilities. Be confident in yourself and trust the hard work you have put in. If you haven’t put in as much training as you would have liked, then don’t get down on this. There is nothing you can do about it once you get to race day, instead focus on thinking positively, enjoying the build up to the event and doing your best. Always aim to do your best, because what more can you ask for?


With one week to go it is time to rest your body, so that you can give it everything on race day. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you haven’t done enough training, so you need to do more this week. The concept of slowing down when you have been working so hard, is difficult to get our heads around. Especially when we have a personal goal that we really want to achieve, but trust the process! This week go for a light and short jog on Tuesday or Wednesday and don’t do any other training. Rest your body, so you can give it everything on Saturday!

Ensure you keep yourself hydrated and fuelled this week, which includes plenty of wholegrain carbohydrates the day before. Great sources are kumura, potato, quinoa, rice and wholegrain bread.

Ensure you have your race day meals and prep all planned out. Including what time you are getting up and what you are eating before the event. Make sure you know where to pick your race pack up from and how you are getting to the event. With all this planned it will help to relieve any anxiety that you might be feeling.

Then, just relax and have fun!


After training hard for an event or goal, it is really common to stop exercising all together. We have a short break and then before we know it days become weeks and weeks even become months. In some cases we have over trained, or trained so much more than we usually would and this can put us off.

Definitely give yourself a much deserved break and then set yourself another goal, and plan your workouts. Your goal doesn’t have to be running related, you can start focusing on your strength again for example.

Just ensure you get back into regular exercise that you enjoy and that fits in with your day to day life, as soon as possible!

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