Congratulations to Laura Adams who has made amazing changes for both her sanity and health and has run a half marathon!

After having my twin boys nearly 2 years ago, I found I was starting to struggle with my weight and eating. I was bored being stuck at home with my 3 boys that at the time were 2 and under, I couldn’t get out much (unless I had help) so I would comfort eat and that was getting depressing. I knew something had to change for my sanity as well as for my health.

So in January this year I bought a ticket to the Hawkes Bay Half Marathon which I ran in May, such a massive moment for me, who was never a runner. The Marathon meant I had to train, so I started off with just running and gradually increased my distance, but I found this wasn’t going to be enough, I needed to do some strength training and thanks to facebook, Kate’s DediKate ad came up on my page, so I had a look.

I found Kate’s program ticked all the right boxes, flexible, short workouts of 20/30 mins, an awesome variety of workouts, in video format that’s easy to follow and you can do it from home at anytime. So I signed up in February and haven’t looked back.

I’ve just finished the 9 week challenge, which I stepped up my workouts per week consisting of a Resist-Ded, sculpt it, power and boot camp plus I do a Pilates class and try to run 1-2 times a week and I’ve found a huge difference in my fitness and clothes.

I’m continuing on to the next challenge of DediKate with a Mate and I can’t wait. I’m also running in my next half marathon in September over in Tauranga.

I’ve found the support page such a motivating tool when you really need it. The ladies on this page are so helpful, caring and positive, I love reading the posts every day to see my inspiration for the day, it really helps keep you on track.

Huge ups to Kate for starting this business, you’re helped a lot of woman. You’re definitely helped me out when I really needed it. Thanks for yelling ‘You can do this’, you don’t know how much that actually helps xx

Huge congrats to you Laura and thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Congrats on winning the activewear in Get Going Girls too! Kate xx

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