Having healthy snacks on hand is a sure fire way to help keep your health and fitness goals on track! Having some healthy options within easy reach will make you much less likely to reach for that sugary or heavily processed snack, and will ensure you are eating regularly and nourishing your body as it needs it!

The trick with snacks is to not get caught up with them being traditional ‘snack’ foods! Snacks can be anything, and don’t have to be tiny portions either. You can eat more at say 3pm if that is what your body is wanting, and then adjust your other meals accordingly (ie. no massive dinner!).

The key to success is keeping things nice and simple and quick to prepare!

Doing a little extra when you’re in the kitchen is a great way to achieve this ie:

  • Chop up some extra veges and keep them in the fridge for snacking
  • Hard boil some eggs whilst cooking dinner
  • Cook extra meat and veges for leftovers
  • If baking for the kids, try out a healthy recipe for yourself too – DediKate has some fantastic healthy bake options!

With snacks, aim to include at least 2 food groups i.e not just a piece of fruit. Food groups work together effectively to sustain you.


  1. A handful of raw nuts & seeds – Almonds, pistachios, pumpkin & sunflower seeds are great with a piece of fruit
  2. Dinner leftovers! Think roasted root veges, last nights roast chicken etc.
  3. Nut bars – look for those low in sugar and containing minimally processed ingredients
  4. Vege sticks & hummus
  5. Greek or plain unsweetened yoghurt with fruit
  6. Tin of tuna/salmon with wholegrain crackers, adding avocado and tomato too makes them even better!
  7. Hardboiled egg with some veges or fruit
  8. Homemade low sugar muesli with milk
  9. Protein shake with either protein powder or nuts and seeds, fruits or veges and milk or water
  10. Uncooked oats with seeds, fruit and milk or low sugar yoghurt

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