Congratulations to Katie Gordon on EVERYTHING she has achieved in the DediKated Challenge. Stronger, fitter, sleeping better, no body aches, more energy, more alert, cm’s lost and more!! Check out her story below!

“Wow the 9 week challenge is done & dusted! What a challenge it has been. I started out on this journey 3 months post baby & really wanted to start getting my fitness, strength & energy back on track.

I didn’t do any pre challenge fitness tests except a couple of measurements & I weighed myself.

I really wish I did the fitness test but I truly couldn’t do much to start with. I was so weak.

I started doing your workouts in the evening before dinner as this was the only time I knew my baby would be asleep. I am a creature of habit & liked to know each day what time was workout time! At about the week 5 mark my baby was in a great day routine so I started doing morning workouts while she had her first sleep. This was awesome as I had so much more energy at the start of the day.

Food wise I didn’t really change my eating habits as I eat pretty well generally. I am still breast feeding so I didn’t want to cut back on food amounts but I was more aware of healthier options. I tried cutting down to one sweet treat (cake, muffin or biscuits) a day & one coffee. Some weeks I didn’t even have coffee. I am a terrible water drinker so I had to really make myself drink more water.

It turns out I am back to my pre baby weight again & all my clothes fit! Some are even too big!!

I’m very happy with where I am now. I have so much more energy, I am much more alert, I am sleeping so much better, I am stronger & have no body aches.

As for goals I have ticked most things off! (see list below) I have moved most of my baby tummy & cellulite on my legs, I have lost weight & I can run again! 
I am one very happy muma 🙂

9 Week Challenge Goals:
Lose tummy
Less cellulite on legs
40min walk with pram to neighbours & back
Run non stop to the mailbox & back 15mins
Low sugar intake
High water intake 
Healthy eating

I hope to continue doing 4 workouts weekly. I also hope to get back running & complete a 10km run before the end of the year.


93cm belly button 
100cm hips

83cm belly button
87cm hips”

So incredibly awesome Katie, we are so proud of you and we are looking forward to following the rest of your journey. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others! Kate x

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