Here she is, the winner of the DediKated Challenge, Kendyll Matthews – an absolute inspiration in every way possible. It is hard to sum up her results, so please take a read for yourself!

“I just want to thank you again for creating this program and providing such a positive and realistic environment for women to become the best version of themselves (whatever that may be).

I suppose no ones journey is the same but at the end of the day we are all working towards the exact same goal!

For me it was about becoming the best version of myself. I wanted to do this for my little girl Darcy but I also wanted to do it for myself and for my son Arlo and my husband Hayden.

I wanted to feel strong and healthy and happy.

The stand out from the past 9 weeks is how much better I feel once I have exercised. I have more energy and I feel a real sense of accomplishment and I’m proud of myself.

I hadn’t been proud of myself in ages when I thought about it……

When I feel like I can’t run any further or lift my weights anymore I just think about Darcy (my little girl), and I hope she’s watching me up above.

I’m cooking again, from scratch and I’m eating properly again, eating decent wholesome food that makes me feel good and I still treat myself but I think about what I am putting in my mouth more.

I definitely had a rough week or so amongst those nine. I was guttered when I fell off the wagon a couple of times but it made me more determined to get back on.

In terms of success that can be measured:

13 cm from waist
7 cm from hips
1 cm from thighs 
5 cm from bust

5km run time from 44.26 to 40.31.

I seriously could not do an ab twist Kate! I couldn’t do mountain climbers and there was no way I could do a jumping lunge.

I can do them all now, the jumping lunge literally came in the last week!! Lol lol

Whoever wins this completion deserves it!!!! There are so many amazing women working so hard and I’m in awe of their achievements at times. (ESP the runners) I’m happy and content regardless because I know it sounds lame but I’ve already won.

Thanks Kate for being a bloody great role model and in a way (sounding awfully lame) saving me.”

Not sounding lame at all Kendyll – we are all behind you 100% and are so proud of you!

Kate x

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