Congratulations to Sarah Smith who has consistently been doing DediKate for 5 months now, after struggling in the past to stick to other programmes! She is stronger and feels better in herself! Check out her story below!

“I joined DediKate in February this year and am super proud to say it’s become a firm part of my life! I love how easy the workouts are to fit into my day, 20-30 mins and I’m done. 

I feel better in myself, I’m stronger and mentally it’s a great start to my day. I’ve done other fitness programmes before, and haven’t stuck with it as it’s been really restrictive or I’ve lost interest. 

Now 5 months in, I can proudly say I’ve consistently worked out each week. In the past, I have struggled to find the motivation and time to work out but now it’s just become a habit. I love the variety, the different work out’s each week and the fact that it feels like Kate is there in my lounge pushing me along. 

DediKate is about the overall approach, no counting calories, just a real focus on health and wellbeing. The recipes on the website are so delicious and Kate is motivational and really relatable!

Thanks so much Kate, you are awesome!”

Huge congrats Sarah, so incredibly awesome to have made it a part of your life! Thank you for being a DediKate member! Kate x

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