Huge congrats to you Kenzie Jenyns!

I love so much how you have made health and fitness a part of your life, and that the mental benefits are just as important to you as the physical. You are an inspriation! Kenzies words say it all, this is a must read!

“My journey started as a rut in the ground that I couldn’t get out of. After gaining 23kgs during my nursing degree I found myself with a negative attitude and lacking self confidence.

12 months ago – March last year I joined Kate Ivey – Fitness, Health and Inspiration. In September ’18 I decided to act on the money that was being taken out of my bank account and actually take advantage of what Kate had to offer.

So two 12 week challenges down, Summer challenge , DediKate6k , and now I’m 4 weeks into the 21km running plan.

Not only has by journey been physically exciting but mentally and emotionally fulfilling and motivating. I feel happy and healthy and have so much energy for my job, family, nieces and nephew and friends.

Self love, self worth, self motivation and self determination is real! They are real things! And its exciting!!

My photos represent my entry into DediKate 12 months ago and my 1 year Anniversary with DediKate 😉😉🏃‍♀️💪




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