Huge congrats to Staz Roberts on her incredible 3 month results. Read her inspiring story!


“After doing the spring challenge in 2017 on very limited training (4 runs and 9 bike rides) I decided to accept that life as a wife to a busy farmer and mum to miss three combined with working made it too hard and stressful to squash in exercise and big events. So giving up exercise combined with turning 40 and going back on a contraceptive that same month lead to me being very unfit and growing out of all of my clothes.  I felt very sorry for the preschool teacher who congratulated me on my pregnancy!


Fast forward to netball season 2018 I tried to get fit again but ended up injured early on in the season with a bulging disc in my neck, which is extremely debilitating and meant I was out for the rest of netball season and wasn’t even allowed to lift miss 3.


After trying to accept that life, fitness levels and body shapes change and trying to enjoy life and love myself anyway I had to acknowledge that I wasn’t feeling great, I missed being fit and strong and by putting my health and fitness the last priority meant i was making poor decisions all around.  I was reaching for sugar treats for energy, always felt lethargic and felt uncomfortable in my clothes as none of them fitted properly.


I was so happy to come across Kates spring into summer challenge in November as I am someone who is all or nothing and there is nothing like a challenge to get me moving.  So jumped on board and gave it everything Only to injure myself a couple of weeks in.  I hadn’t realised just how weak I had become and all or nothing wasn’t a good option.  I was banned from Burpee’s and push-ups and anything high impact. So I was really grateful to find Kates low in packed workouts and was totally surprised at the difference these made.


Fast forward to 1 January coming back from a New Year’s break and weighing myself to find I was heavier than I had ever been, it was quite a low considering I had done two months of exercise! I had assumed because I ate reasonably healthy I didn’t need to focus on the food side and getting fit was enough.


Reality check and time to be honest with myself I did actually want to lose a few kg as well as feel fit and strong.  So in January I have become conscious of what I am eating and made and effort to make better choices which has made a huge difference!


Thank you Kate for your support and awesome programmes that suit all levels and keep you motivated as fitness improves.


Progress:  I have gone from only doing the beginner with a couple of level ones in DediKate live workouts through to now being a level 2 doing with some level 3 and bonus rounds.  Now I’m even throwing in a weekly boot camp!!


Fitness test now verses November

Run 6.44km in 40 min on hills vs 5.12km in 40min on flat Plank 3.04 min vs 1.06 Wall sit 5.26min vs 1.56 Push up 16 full & 20 half vs 2 full & 19 half Lost 4kg 5cm from my waist 10cm from my stomach 3cm from butt and hips


Thanks DediKate I’m now feeling fit and strong which is always my goal 💝💝💝 and really appreciate the added bonus of fitting my clothes!

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