Congratulations to our Member of the Month Hannah Reeves. Hannah is our Member of the Month because she hasn’t given up, she has been close to and in the past would have, but she has kept going and has great results to show for it.

She is inspiring as she is like so many – except this time she hasn’t conceded. She has accepted that life can be challenging and there are obstacles, but has refocused and continued to improve and it has all paid off.

Hannah has said goodbye to 15cm around her waist and has gone from struggling to run 2km to running 5km non-stop. So inspirational Hannah!


“My journey with Kate started back in 2017 but in March I decided I needed the extra motivation and added on contact with Kate, this was the best decision ever as she kept me on track and pushed me through the tough times over the past 6 months. It has not been an easy journey with me as I have battled with health issues and as a primary school teacher I seem to have caught every bug possible!

Food has been one of my biggest challenges but have managed to maintain my result and am a lot more conscious of what foods I choose to eat, especially my snacks.

I have managed to lose 15cm from around my waist and gone from struggling to run 2km to being able to run 5km non stop as well as making significant changes in my push ups, wall sit and prone hold.

I still have the good days and bad days but hoping in the next 6 months as I continue my journey with Kate that the results continue to happen for me.

Cannot thank nor recommend Kate and DediKate enough – especially the live sessions and contact with Kate.”


Well done Hannah and thank you so much for sharing your story! Kate x


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