Congratulations to 12 Week DediKated Challenge Grand Prize winner Harriet Bremner. Harriet’s story is heart breaking, courageous and so very inspiring.

“Hi, my name is Harriet Bremner. I am 29 years old, recently widowed and have started my life again this year by purchasing my first home, moving back to my old community and getting back into teaching and fitness.

I have tried numerous fitness regimes and I get bored easily so found them hard to stick to once I had mastered a workout. I love DediKate because it feels like you have Kate right there in the living room with you and each workout is different. I love reading peoples comments below the workouts and seeing what people had struggled with or nailed!

It has been super refreshing to challenge myself over this 12 weeks and I look forward to my workouts every day. I started on the beginner level in week 1 and now in week 12 I am on my 2nd week of advanced and have been doing all my push-ups as full ones!

I have been getting comments from friends and family as they have noticed a big change and I feel more comfortable in my clothes again.

I have joined two friends up with me which has also been great motivation to do it with someone else or even just send each other snapchats of which workout we have done!

I have been more aware of my food, as in the last year and a half I have struggled to eat properly since my partner passed away. I know that he would be proud of me for putting my health and well being first.

I cannot recommend this programme enough to everyone, it has helped me regain my fitness and push myself further and helps me sleep at night.

I am excited about the next 12 weeks and those after that.”

So incredibly proud of you Harriet and it is an honour to have you as such an amazing member of DediKate and a role model to others. Bring on the exciting weekend in the Mt Cook region! Kate x

(Harriet is pictured centre)

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