Congratulations to Natasha Maybee for the amazing consistent effort she has put in over the last 8 months. Natasha had incredible 12 week results as well – and the challenge was then to ensure she could sustain it and she most certainly has. This is a super inspiring story with amazing tips on how to be successful!

Well done Tash!  Kate x

“I have been doing DediKate for 8 months now and honestly I cant believe I have stuck it out for this long! I usually would of given up after a couple of weeks because I wasn’t seeing the results fast enough or I just couldn’t be bothered with working out or I didn’t have the support.

To be honest it was tough the first few weeks, getting into a routine and getting the motivation to do the workouts but now it’s just apart of my every day life plus the support from Kate has been amazing!

I am a full time dairy farmer so for most of the day I am on my feet running around like a mad woman and the last thing I want to do when I get home is a workout so instead, I now incorporate them into my work. Add some lunges or squats while putting up a fence, doing sprints in the paddock etc. (I’m just waiting for the day a worker comes to the paddock and is wondering what the heck I’m up to!😂) and on my days off I’ll do a good DediKate Power Session or DediKate Boot Camp Blast.

I have maintained my results by taking snacks with me to work otherwise when I get home I just raid the pantry and the fridge and that never ends well! I have also prepared meals that are in the freezer so for times when I don’t get home till late, (which is quite often at the moment because of calving) or I can’t be bothered cooking, there is a variety of meals sitting in the freezer waiting for me.

I still have challenges, like when I’m really craving something sweet or salty like icecream or chips, most of the time I can get over it by having a drink of water or having a piece of fruit but for those times I do cave in, I know it’s not the end of the world, your hard work hasn’t been thrown out the window by one bad choice, you just have to pick yourself back up and tomorrow is a new day, new choices so don’t panic! That’s one of the things that’s got me to where I am today.”


So proud of you Tash! x

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