Congratulations to Jen Parkes who has maintained her fitness throughout pregnancy (Burpees until 34 weeks!), and has got the balance between working on her own health and fitness and breastfeeding baby #3. This is a super inspiring and motivating story – well done Jen!

“I started DediKate when it first launched online and what I really love about it, is the variety of exercises and that it doesn’t take too long.  I used to be a netballer, and after that I would run to keep fit and healthy.  Now, I wasn’t a fast runner but once I got fit enough I really enjoyed it and a group of friends and I would do team relay races and fun events.

But things change a bit when you have kids, and now I have 3.  I have 3 under 5, with the latest wee addition just 12 weeks old.  I found the hardest thing was finding the right time and activity.  My husband is a dairy farmer, so I couldn’t run before work, otherwise that would be 3am and often he wouldn’t get home until after dinner, and its pretty dark and dangerous on some of these rural roads.



“The other hard thing to manage for me, was milk supply.  I made that terrible mistake of getting back into exercise way too fast the first time, running at just 10 days post baby and “getting my life back” haha.  My milk supply tanked, too much running, not enough sleep and learning that salads alone was not going to make milk.

So when I started Kate’s programme, I feel like I finally had got the mix right.  Good sessions, lots of variety, doing it from home and getting stronger and fitter – the perfect combination.  My two boys do it with me sometimes and to be honest, doing burpees against a 4 year old is super motivating.  Man they are fast!

I was just getting into the swing of things, 2-3 months in, when we were blessed with baby #3.  And this time my mission was to just keep going and do the best that I could.  Every week, I did 2-3 power sessions and the IT weights session – all the way up until about 34 weeks.  I had to modify a few things along the way, as I couldn’t lie on my back and some things I just couldn’t reach.  However I’m super proud to say that I kept up the burpees until 34 weeks.  They weren’t pretty, but I could do about 13 in a minute, instead of about 17.

After that, I just walked and walked and walked.  It was super boring… we live on a really long road with no loops.  6km in one direction, ooooor 6km in the other.  But I listened to podcasts to keep my mind active.  I managed to walk 60km in the 2 weeks prior to #3 being born.  I was just trying to walk it out haha.



I think keeping up the activity really helped in during the pregnancy.  I was so exhausted after chasing 2 super busy boys and not sleeping well, but the endorphins really gave me that kick and definitely helped my mood.  And the strength I maintained really helped my birth too.

I was lucky enough to have 2 previous home births, and super excited to say, my first and only little girl was born at home too.  At 10 lbs, 5 oz, not so wee Emilia was my midwifes biggest baby. (oops)  So I’m glad my body was super strong… enormous as you can imagine, but strong. And I can’t believe I have a girl.. I totally thought it was another boy

Now, 12 weeks on, I am back in business again.  I waited until about week 6 to start doing some low intensity exercises on DediKate.  Before pregnancy, these exercises would have been so easy, but there are so many muscles you haven’t used for ages being pregnant, I really couldn’t believe how much it burned.  I’ve learned that being the tortoise rather than the hare is much better for my recovery and feeding little Miss

Now I’ve jumped in with the New World 28 day challenge.  3 workouts completed last week and aiming for 4 active sessions this week.  Totally recommend Kates programmes and really enjoy jumping online on Monday mornings to see what she’s got in store for us!

Also if anyone needs some workout gear for pregnancy and breastfeeding, you need to check out Cadenshae. Their super supportive leggings kept my huge belly supportive during those long walks and now help support my wobbly muscles. Their bras and hoodies are great too. Nice to feed while out and about and not be freezing!”


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