Congratulations to Lisa Clark! Lisa has made amazing changes mentally over the last few months. She has really cemented her health and fitness as part of her life. She is motivated and energised, but her actions are maintainable. She can do full press ups now and has  lost 13kgs. So proud of you Lisa! Keep up the great work!


Lisa’s Story:

“I started my fitness journey last year after a work colleague encouraged me to join a work fitness challenge, I needed to do something, I felt sluggish, unmotivated, tired and just wasn’t moving my body at all. I had always been active but life had just got in the way.

I then discovered DediKate, I signed up for 12 weeks while training for a half marathon. The DediKate workouts are a great challenge and varied so I never get bored! There are heaps to choose from. I then had been talking to Kate and she suggested I get the contact package as well to help get me on track with my nutrition and to help achieve my goals. This has been amazing keeping me accountable and also encouraging me along the way giving me the tools I need. I never thought I would be able to do a press up let alone full ones! I have achieved so many fitness goals and lost 13kgs along the way. It has been great for my family as we get out for adventures and enjoy the outdoors together. DediKate really fits in with my super busy lifestyle!

I love DediKate and Kate’s support has been amazing, she really has changed my health and fitness mindset to a positive one. Thanks Kate for keeping me motivated!

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