Congratulations to Casey on her amazing results on DediKate! Casey has gone through a huge mental change which is the most exciting thing of all! She is feeling strong and working on new goals, instead of giving up like she has in the past! She also has more confidence in her day to day life. So fantastic Casey!




“After running the Pegasus bay 10km event at the end of January I started slipping into the old habit of training for an event and then after it stopping all exercise. I had done the 12 week shape up with Kate previously so I still had everything showing up on my Facebook news feed. With all Kate’s encouragement posts and seeing how well all the other ladies were doing on the DediKate programme it inspired me to sign up again when I saw the DediKated 12 Week Challenge.


Since then I feel like I have gone through a massive mental change. I have always been a yo-yo when it comes to fitness but at the end of the 12 weeks I have come out feeling so strong and always working on new goals.


I have learnt not to use the scales and to go by measurements. That is where you see the real change.


Over the next 3 months I have enrolled in development courses for work. This is something I would of never had the confidence to do before the programme. After every workout you feel on top of your game and ready to take on anything.


I haven’t been perfect every week over the 12…… I had 2 weeks holiday and over the two weeks only managed 5 workout days. I ended up looking at this as a big achievement because in the past I would never of done anything. The best part is I got straight back on track when I got back to normal life. 


There are still days that I absolutely dread doing a workout but then I just remind myself of how will feel after it’s done and sure enough I get it done an feel amazing after.


For once it feels like my mindset has definitely changed, biggest win in my books. All the lovely ladies on the community page and Kate I can’t thank you enough for contributing to this! You’re all amazing and wonderful.


Next 12 weeks I’m going to work hard on getting nutrition on point.”



TestWeek 1Week 12
Press Ups22 half36 half
Prone Hold1min13secs1min36secs

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