Here at Kate Ivey – Fitness, Health and Inspiration we help busy Kiwi women to lead positive, healthy, fitness filled lives. DediKate has been designed to enable you to maximise your fat loss and toning up potential, but without having to spend too much time or energy! The focus is on looking and feeling like your best you!

My Journey

My qualifications, experience as well as my own journey are what drive me to inspire others. During changes in my life such as starting university, travelling and of course having children, I struggled to prioritise my health and fitness. This lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, weight gain and low self confidence.

Through all my pregnancies I gained 25-30kg (a lot of which was due to unnecessary over eating and lack of exercise), then worked really hard to get myself back exercising and nourishing my body. I know how hard it is. I also know it can be done, and I know how to do it!

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